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Jun 3, 2003
This exercise is very intense.

I have been doing it for ages, but wanted to be sure it was okay.
Aftertheshock and bishop plus some others have been trying her out as well.

Okay heres how its done


1] Get flaccid
2] grip around the penis [near the base] with both hands and get a good firm grip.
3] Now have the hands positioned so that they are pointing down towards the floor with penis in hand ready.
4] Start doing squats while in this postion.
5] When you go down on the squat pull down the the hands to give more of a stretch
6] Do about 5 minutes of these NON STOP at first and build them up to more and more.

These are EXELLENT for stretching your Ligaments.
I have done them and they certainly worked for me.
You must be careful not to go TOO HARD with these otherwise you could hurt ya self.

Another idea is to do Blasters [Reverse Kegels] while doing these and it increases the chances of getting a MAX lig stretch or the Burn/Burners I call them, also a lig pop is more likely.

I would say only guys who have been doing NPenis Enlargement for a while [4 months+] should start these incase they hurt themselves, but if you think you can be careful enough, damm go ahead and have a go.

Any questions about this exercise, than ya got me , ATS and bishop to help you as we do these alot.

Hey RED....tried those squats and while I was doing something similiar, did them your way and really was impressed with the lig pull. Very good and easy too. Thanks for sharing! GS
/me takes off his pants so he can "squat"

I think I'll give this a try today!
Yes they are a great way to get some good stretching to the ligs .I LIKE THEM ALOT ...i do these and my rollers back to back and wow what a feeling then throw the blasters on my penis and i know I have had a workout when I'm done .
I've done these two days in a row now. Both times I felt a "lig pop". Who knows it that itself is a good thing, but I'll keep at it for now.
Is this a leg exercise? Couldn't you just stay in a squatted position? Or is that what you mean?
I just grab on and squat up and down for a while until I'm bored. I think that's what Red meant when he said "non stop"
Originally posted by Hoover
do u need to warmup for these?

It's probably a good idea, but I haven't been. Today I did them after 25+ minutes of other stretching, but the last couple of days I did the squats first.
It is best to warm up ,just to get your penis ready for the stretches . But i dont always warm up my self.
Yes, these deserve more attention because they are very effective. I try to do these three times per week but not on my heavy leg lifting day. I think these are what helps me hang better flacid. Thanks for your ideas Red.
Glad they work for you mate, I feel they are a very powerful exercise that can be in someways at times just as powerful as hanging, when I did blasters with these I fealt nuthin like it since, I was sore as fuck afterwards in the needed areas - Ligaments.
I wish more tried these, not only do they work the cock ligaments out, but also your stamina, it'll keep you fit.
Maybe you can do what I used to, get a rucksack with 60lbs in it on your back and do this exericise, than your squating and also doing pe at the same time lol genius or what?
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