How long after warming up is it alright to exercise?



Is it fine if I warm up, jelq for 15 minutes, then edge for 30 - 45 min and then do stretching. Will the effect of the warm up wear out by the time I get to stretching? Is warming up more relevant for jelqing or stretching? Is warm down as important as warming up?
Thanks guys
maybe 5 mins of warming up and you can start from there you can start whit some jelquins and continue whit the stretchings n i have never warmed down dont know whats that....
You will be ok to stretch after the edging as your keeping the bloodflow going already. I warm up for 10 minutes with a heat pack before any workout just to loosen things up and make it feel pliable. Some guys don't and just use a light intensity on their 1st set of stretches to achieve the same end. That's stretching.

For girth work I believe heat is super important, you're manipulating a lot of blood there under pressure & heat will help avoid injury and also keep bruising/blood spotting at bay. A warm up & warm down would be ideal if you can do so ☺
You only need to warm up once per session, no matter how long that session lasts. Once warmed up the actual PE will keep you in the warmed up state. If you are doing 2 sessions a day you will need to warm up before each session. So if you train in the AM and PM each session should have a warm up.
well i prefer warm up before and after session. I know the importance of warm up after session because most of my issues such as lumps fluid build up pains etc began when i had stopped it. But the benefit of this hot wrap at end is that it helps in healing and repair of tissue, removes fluid and i feel a kind of relaxation to my penis after a workout i always do it and advice you to
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