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    Starting To Curve?

    Firstly, I'd like to say hey. This is the first time I've posted, and I've started PE recently. I'm following DLD's Newbie Routine, and have been for two weeks. I haven't been doing the stretches, though. The beginning of this week, I noticed a slight curve that wasn't there before. I didn't...
  2. H

    Advice for micropenis PE?

    Hi everyone, I really hope to get some advice here. My flaccid length is 1" and erect length almost 4". Girth is just a little thicker than my thumb. What are the methods to gain length and girth for someone like me? Any advice/help is appreciated. Hope to hear from people who...
  3. T

    Foreskin and angled (not bent) penis issues.

    Hey all. I have run into a little issue with a couple things. I'll start with number 1; I am uncircumcised and when I am starting out with the Bathmate I was using it flaccid, or barely erect (maybe 5%) but as soon as I place myself into the Bathmate my foreskin stops being retracted and covered...
  4. A

    Is my girth too small?

    Hello guys, I've always been insecure about my girth, and I feel mine is not enough to satisfy anyone. My girth measured at the thicket point of my penis which is near mid-shaft (slightly above mid-shaft; closer to the glans) is 4.5 inches. Anywhere else on the penis it is less than 4.5...
  5. J

    How long after warming up is it alright to exercise?

    Is it fine if I warm up, jelq for 15 minutes, then edge for 30 - 45 min and then do stretching. Will the effect of the warm up wear out by the time I get to stretching? Is warming up more relevant for jelqing or stretching? Is warm down as important as warming up? Thanks guys
  6. L

    Experimenting and Learning

    For the last three years maybe 4,i have been trying lots of exercises from stretching to the newbie routine,dld blasters,bundled dld blasters,a stretchings,jelquins,erect stretching,even tying my dick to a door knob and stretching it,tying my glans and then tying my ankle,to see if i could...
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    jelqs+ssj how possible it is

    I dont think jelqs can give me no more results and i would like to see how good it would be if i start whit ssj, i think i have tried them in the past and maybe i should switch and start whit them.what do you guys think?im gonna stick whit the jelquins for this month and maybe the next month...
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    Erect jelquins and masturbation

    Recently i have had quite intense orgams while im jelquin erect evertime i jelq after finishing some jelquin i start rubbing my glans and takesvery little time before shooting it feels great .Gonna continue whit erect jelquin maybe for the next months along whit some stretching.hope i get...
  9. L

    Erect jelqs

    Erect jelqs feel great i start jelquin whit the penis hard but i just cant help it and i start rubbing my glans until the milk shows up it feels great i was supposed to do 600 jelqs and i only did 300 hahaha funny, but hope todays session goes better because i have just started whit some...
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    DLD blasters +Jelquins

    i have practiced both exercises in the past and i have been jelquin for a while i practiced the DLD blasters but i didnt see positive changes i practiced them for about 6 months maybe 7 months cant remember exactly.Should i add the DLD blasters +JELQUINS what do u guys suggest?
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    Most men i know they have no idea what PE is, and being honest i would never talk about PE to them, they wouldnt believe me i have realized that most of them dont have large penises, and their sexual lives seems depressing or doesnt exist(just like mine<:() i look at their faces and i see...
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