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Originally posted by JohnMac
Currently 6 inch by 5 inch...What would be the fastest way to gain l" in length and half inch in girth. Would like to be 7x5.5
Welcome to MOS JohnMac. If you are just starting out I would recommend you read through some of the posted routines here. This will give you an idea of the different workouts some of the members here are using. My opinion on a starting program is very basic. It should include basic jelqing, basic stretching and some PC Work.


John Mac, do you know where you are? This is by far the best penis enlargement site in the world-BAR NONE-!! It would be well worth you while and small investment to join the MOS paysite. Tons of video and audio instruction for all the exercises and one on one support from the master himself(DLD). This your best option, but if you can't join the pay portion for some reason then try looking in the routines and progress forum. You will find a good newbie routine in there, just remember, there are no shortcuts to getting a bigger penis, but DLD's tailored phase program takes all the trial and error out of NPenis Enlargement which in itself will help you to maximize gains. Oh Yeah!! Welcome to the board JohnMac, keep posting!


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I will be joining as soon a I can pry the credit card out of my wifes hand...should be by tomorrow....


"... But honey I need that card for shopping." JohnMac Wifey.
"Dammit let go woman, I need that card for MOS and Penis Enlargement", JohnMac
"Penis Enlargement what the heck is that??" Wifey again.
"Penis Enlargement is going to get me a bigger peepee." JM again.

OR something like that in my mind. :D


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