Stop or Continue


Jun 14, 2004
Ok I did Penis Enlargement a few months ago for 2 weeks when I first heard of it because my roomate was gone but now I am at home and I just started I've been doing it for about 4 days. I always read these forums and I read a thread about thrombosis and I heard something about pumps and hard veins.

So naturally I looked at my penis and I saw a small bump it moves around with the skin and it looks like a pimple kinda. I have have two veins which I think are probbaly thrombosed although they are pretty small not really visible in flaccid or errect length but I can feel them and they do have the guitar string feeling.

SO i am wondering if I should continue with Penis Enlargement because the veins are so small or I should stop. Also alot of people say its ok to stretch but not jelq but isn't it a high possiblity the veins got thrombosed because of stretching ?