Stop setting goals, set objectives without limitations.


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Mar 15, 2024
You will see this in my signature. It's an issue I have with many here that talk about Goals. I get worried because there is usually a time frame that follows that Goal, don't think of time or Goal but an objective.

I hit my first goal of 6 NBPEL and guess what I didn't feel happy, why? because Goals are endpoints. What if you want more? What if I had stopped? I would not be feeling what I am feeling now with Wifey, I only thought about length, without EG I would not be as happy as I am today.

Set objectives! You may not get to your goal but you will be so happy with what you did get and the journey. To be honest, you don't know yet what you want, god knows what you want, stop setting an end. God knows no end, God knows you may not be happy with 1 million as your goal and he will give you 2 million. You shouldn't live saying that you have a goal of 8 but settled for 7, that's not life, you must be happy throughout the process of growth not just with PE but with everything you do; body goals, relationships, careers, and money!
Reaching your goal can feel bitter sweet because you will always want more.
True. Setting goals are the end points. Setting objectives are defined milestones. But a short term goal can also be set as "To Be Continued" once it's set. We're programmed by society to create "goals" for ourselves. We should set objectives and defined ambitions as our progressive milestones. My objectives, "Make my woman screams until she passes out." (cwl) That may be a loaded objective, in a literal sense.
Without goals I would have accomplished nothing.
Remember to every singel goal, there is a time aspect attached (time period). Without specifying time, the goal will never be accomplished.
They will ship out soon. I am trying to get you tracking but it is difficult for where you live. I'll do my best
🆗 Would be useful to know having a tracking number.they ask for that at the post office..😬. FedEx or USPS they are 💯. unfortunately they charge a fee. Anyway I think I will get the LM in a couple of weeks.Thank U so much Mike.
Wonder if it was sent through USPS they give you a tracking number or something for tracking purposes about the package 📦..
Start setting goals with a time limit, and you will see faster growth then ever.
I have not received that yet, but I will put in another request.But as I said it's very hard to track into your country
Ok tracking can help out, otherwise is going to be harder would be like guessing.Did you guys sent it through USPS, FEDEX etc..any idea.thanks
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