Yeah I usually do a little bit of work first.
And definitely turn off Fox News.. Dari Alexander, Laurie Dhue, Jane Skinner, and Linda Vester do very little to aid in an effort to stay flaccid. ;)


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If none of that works I can post a picture of me for you to stair at for a couple of seconds...that will kill your boner instantly:D
Yea man that should work. Or, if that doesnt work, go spank it and then stretch .


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haha yeah. But then if I see DLD, I might start thinking about Jen, and then it will pop back up. Watching the dance might work though. haha. I heard that you shouldn't ejaculate 6 hours before or after Penis Enlargement excersises because it lowers testosterone or something. Any thoughts on that?


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I almost always ejaculate before I do stretches , unless I can keep myself focused and not let my mind wander.



The whole not ejaculating before/after your workouts is HYPenis Enlargement. Nothing more, nothing less. I mean obviously youre not going to get a very good girth workout in if you ejaculate prior to it....but, no harm in doing so afterward.
If you feel yourself getting partially erect when doing stretches do a couple of intense PC contractions. That'll bring things down nicely. I also recommend doing something mundane when stretching like read a book.


I can post a picture of me for you to stair at for a couple of seconds...that will kill your boner instantly



I auctually think of my ex-wife..........Works every time...:D


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wannabebigger;4835 said:
How do you prevent having an erection when doing stetching excersises? I usually do jelqs first then the stretch excersises. Should I do the stretch excersises first? Thanks for the help guys.
I guess as a newbie , this is bound to happen but as you progress further, you will be fine. I try to stretch in the morning when my erection is down. I also practice the technique of taking a deep breathe while wrapping for my length master session. Works like magic.

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