Question for the PE Pro's (Routine)


I'm about to hit the 2 month mark and was thinking about changing my workout. I would like some better length exercises, what do you guys thinK?

Long Schlong Heli ( exercise) 10 min
30 sec downward stretches 10 min
DLD Blasters 50 reps


300 Jelqs
10 sets of 5 uli stretch squeezes
5 reps mini supra slammers
5 30 second uli's

I do this 3 on 1 off.

Wonderin if you guys got any suggestions?


That is my current routine well since i hit the 1 month mark, i was thinkin of modifyin it once i hit the 2 month mark. Girth seems to be a good workout, but I was wondering if there was a better way to use my length /stretching time. better exercises than the 1s im doing now? DLD, let me know what you think.

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