I think she needs more girth


I've been observing exactly how my wife reacts during various moments when we have sex for a couple of years now. Yeah, yeah, we all observe, but I have been trying to determine how well she really enjoys my dick. BLUF: I think she wants, or at least would enjoy, more girth. Let me outline a few facts:

1. My wife cums at the drop of a hat. Any position, any touch.
2. She is not like the women we read about in magazines; all that touchy feely crap getting her hot and bothered does not usually work. She gets right to "getting it on" most of the time.
3. She never really has multiple orgasms unless she gets an oral and then from penetration. If she has the first one during intercourse, that is usually it. I try to hold out and keep going, but she usually wants me to finish.

I have noticed that when my technique is straight in and out, she is fine with sex. Although when I grind with some side-to-side motion (hitting the sides more as if I had the girth) she seems to really enjoy our romp. Many observations of mood, time of day, level of arousal, and other factors over time has lead me to believe that she would be more satisfied with more girth.

I have not told her about Penis Enlargement yet. I recently got some big D comments from her, but it was at an odd time so I think she may be suspicious of something. I try to clean up my tracks on the computer as that is the only way she will find out. I've been a little sloppy with that lately.

My current measurements are: 7 5/8 BPenis EnlargementL and 5 1/8 EG.


Dude get your self into the constrictor exercises, these are apparently great for girth work Good luck.


Yeah, some dry jelqs ought to help a lot! if you aren't a newbie and are into some good exercises, a good ol' supra slammer routine is good for the girth too...


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RBSS said:
1. My wife cums at the drop of a hat. Any position, any touch.

Well, it certainly seems you have a lot less to worry about than 99% of men.


Yeah, I'd like to try constrictors. Right now I do about 30 minutes of stretching , ~300 wet jelqs, and maybe 5 Ulis. I mix it up with dry jelqs and Ulis one day, wet jelqs and less Ulis the next. My concern is that I have one of those small hard bumps just under the glans on the right side. It appears shortly after I get a good erection. It hasn't offered to grow, but yesterday during a dry jelq/Uli workout I had a very prominent vein appear from the bump area leading across the top of my D just below the glans. At first I thought I had pushed too hard and extended the lump into a long thrombose. I kept going with the workout (albeit lighter) and it went away. Still have the bump, though. I took April off doing only stretching and the bump receded. I started jelqing again in May and it reappeared. Very aggravating.

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