I have tried EVERYTHING.


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My name is B. I have tried penis enlargement exercises for over a year now and have not gained anything. I was a member of PA for the same amount of time and all I got was a bunch of shit. Now, I don't know if this whole penis enlargement thing is a scam or not, I would like to believe it is not. Can somebody help me. I am 6.5 inches (I do not bone press), and I want to gain alot of length . Do I hang, do I exercise a certain way, what do I do? DLD can you please help me with my problem?


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Hi Bobby and welcome to MoS. I am so sorry about your experience with Penis Enlargement so far and I can understand your frustration. I would love to help you in any way I can. What are you doing for a program now? Get real specific so I know as much as possible. What exercises, repetitions, sets, time, strength...EVERYTHING. I would be happy to help you create a program that works for you. I have worked with many other discouraged folks and with some revamping of the routine and the right mental push I had them gaining. There is so much more to Penis Enlargement then doing a handful of exercises from a pay guide and I think you have found the right place.



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Random stretches throughout the day now. There was a time when I exercised for about 30 minutes every other day but that did nothing for me. For the longest time I tried the advanced length routine as listed in PA and that did no good. My faith in this is so low that I do not have a set routine anymore.


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Bobby, I have noticed that many of the pay guides give the same un-structured routines. The most important thing in Penis Enlargement is to work at your maximum using solid exercises. There needs to be structure on a daily basis. My pay site preaches the importance of this. You will also notice that there a very few exercises that you have seen before. I developed 90% of my program. I did the research, tested the exercises and created them based on what works. The Phases are set up as an exact reproduction of my own program through the years. Unlike many pay sites I am always available and I actively Penis Enlargement. My pictures are available as a testimonial to my work. The best thing is you do not have to join my program to get my help. I will help anyone and if you feel I am doing a good job then you can decide to take the MoS plunge.



Hey there B.
Welcome to MOS. I too am sorry about your negative Penis Enlargement experiences.
I'd like for you to really listen to what DLD has to tell you because he will get it right!
Another thing I noticed in your threads...you said you do exercises randomly throughout the day. It seems to me, correct me if I'm wrong, that you do the exercises...but not very intensly. It seems like you say, "Hm...I think I'll give Penis Enlargementing a go today" and you then proceed to do a couple of exercises, but not with a lot of dedication. I think the first thing that you need to do is make a time of the day to Penis Enlargement. I really mean make a time for it. If you have a journal or diary that you write your appointments and schedule in, then add "Penis Enlargement time" every day at a specific time. Make it part of your day. What I've started doing is, instead of waking up at 7:30AM, I now wake up at 6:00 AM...do a good Penis Enlargement session, shower , get dressed and get ready for school. The Penis Enlargement session is now part of my routine.

I would highly suggest you join MOS.
I'm not a salesperson trying to persuade you to join. It makes no difference to me whether you join or not. I'm not getting anything directly from you joining. But what I am getting is knowing that you are on the right track to a bigger penis. I'm a member and the thing that keeps me motivated sometimes is I think, "Well shit, I paid $50 for the invaluble information and I"m not going to waste it!"

With regards to dedication...think about it this way. Lets say I want to look like a body builder, right? Now lets say I do 15 pushups a day, whenever I feel it. Do you think I'm ever going to gain a pound of muslce? Hell no! You have to be intense, serious, committed and faithful to your Penis Enlargement workouts. You can't mess around with a couple of dumbells and hope you get bigger. You have to go to the max each workout, really make it hurt.

You get my drift, right?



While I am new at this I thought I would toss in my nickles worth.

I started looking at doing Penis Enlargement about two months ago as part of an overall plan of getting myself back into shape. Mostly as a gift to my wife.

I tried some of the exercises and stretches that I found on a few of the boards, but this was the only site I found that seem to have an honest discussion and run by someone who seems to be truly interested in something other than hype.

I decided that this would be the site that I paid my money to and I am glad I did.

I have been doing stage I for only a couple of weeks, but there is already a noticable change. I have gained almost an inch in length and 1/2 inch in girth. I think the reason it was so quick was that I had already been doing some of the stretching exercies but was not doing the muscle work.

The price for being a member is not that great. The example videos and audio guides are well worth paying the price. It is sometimes difficult to understand instructions without those video examples.

I will testify to the fact that the first few days you will be a bit sore. Especially after the pc muscle exercises.

Give yourself a month of commited work. I follow stage I to the letter and am very happy with my results so far.


Welcome aboard man! You ARE in the right places. You sound genuine in your interest to get bigger. I can relate to your frustrations as well. As long as you are still open minded and willing to learn...you'll get where you want to be here.


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Welcome B! Remember even if you don't decide to join the paysite, the FREE forums will always be open with it's wealth of information.



Hey B. Man you sound soooo much like me 6 months back. The same frustrations, and the low ebbings. I tried many other pe programs but no success. Since Late May this year I went from 3 3/4 erect (4 1/2 bone pressed) to over 6 1/2 bp.

I have NO doubts that if you follow THIS program in a few months from now YOU will be sitting here telling someone else what we all are telling you now. Shit works....Now get to work.


Originally posted by Wannab
I have been doing stage I for only a couple of weeks, but there is already a noticable change. I have gained almost an inch in length and 1/2 inch in girth.

Anyway, welcome Bobby. I don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said so I'll just say it again. You're in the right place, these guys will give you all the help you need, and the harder you work, the better the results. :)

For length , try the A with blasters. I've been trying the V with blasters as well and that really feels intense. Give it a go, and don't give up. You can do it. :cool:


Welcome Bobby, Yes, you will not find another Penis Enlargement forum the same. This one is as good as they get. DLD's the leader in innovative exercises. Look around at the other forums on the net and you'll either find him there or his exercise routines. No one has done more for the Penis Enlargement revolution. MOS is the leader and others follow in it's footsteps. Yes there are forums that have been out there longer but none are better. MoS paysite is awsome. I too had bought into another paysite and the results were minimal. I am a paying member of MoS and don't regret spending one dime. Can't wait until phase 4 is up... Will be checking again today....... :D

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