Jun 5, 2003
I have been doing Penis Enlargement off, and on for several years(More off than anything). I would say my combined Penis Enlargement experince is about 4-5 months. I am not even sure I have grown at all. I was in a bad depression for years, and I have to say i want to be objective about my Penis Enlargement experience in order for me to learn what works for me, and what doesn't. I have always heard the philosophy K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid), but I hear about some fancy contraption that will make you bigger, and I just have to have it. I hear about some pill, and I have to have it. In terms of these exercises, and the exercise tools I always feel I may not be doing them correctly. To hard of a grip, or to soft of a grip.Too much pressure, not enough bending,slapping, pulling..etc. Its because of this I get discouraged. I hired a personal trainer for my bodybuilding, and that has worked wonders. I wish I could do the same thing with Penis Enlargement. Hell I would let a guy touch it if he had the expertise to help me grow it to become a monster. I look at Penis Enlargement as any other exercise program. You have to start out with the most resistance that your body can handle at that point, and gradually turn the resistance up over time. I am over simplifying the process. I know rest, execution,variety,nutrition, and supplementation all very vital to growth. How can I apply this to Penis Enlargement? There are no weights in Penis Enlargement, unless you hang. Its hard to see if your form is correct since so much of it relies on blood flow. My grip could be too hard.
Should I start over at phase one, and go through the building blocks of the program? Also I have purchased a JES extender. I have not used it very much because of privacy. Now I have a lot of privacy, and I intend to wear it when I sleep. That way I can be sure to get 8 hours wearing, and I would wear it 4 hours before bed. Anyone have one of these? I would love to hear from you, and your experince with it. Also can pumping help with Penis Enlargement? If so what pump should I get?I like what I hear about the temporary gains that last for a few days. I wouldn't mind pumping every few days to get the quick fix. I would still continue to Penis Enlargement and reach for my goals
My goal is 8X6, I am currently 6.75X4.25. DLD I would love to hear from you as well. Also I wouldn't mind having a group webcam training sessions. The camraderie, and support would be great. I look forward to your comments, and suggestions.

Iwant8X6 Hello, my first impression after reading your post is you feel overwealmed. I can relate to feeling this way and when I do what helps me is first things first. Take a deep breath and think of what you need right now. I would suggest a solid program. Something that you can, a.) Perfect and b.) do everyday. Perfecting the program will come by practicing, help from your piers, and maybe some mentoring. I have worked with alot of men who felt the same way. They came to me saying, "I am doing the exercises, but I'm not sure if it's the right way." Usually there was room for improvement to perfect their technique. I found this big-time with men trying to successfully do the DLD Blasters. It would just take time and patients but eventually it clicked.

I could help you with your exercises. I don't have a ton of time anymore but I will help in any way I can.

As far as the remainder of your post in concerned. For now stick with a good solid manual workout. Lets make sure it is working well and then after that you can add other options if you are not gaining.
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