Give me a clamp girth routine please



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Dec 25, 2003
I've been Penis Enlargementing for almost two years, on and off.
I've gone from 7bpel x 4.9eg to 8bpel x 5.4
this means I got my length goal of 8bpel but as my name says i've still got a loooooong way to go to my 7inch girth goal.

All girth experts please help me out and make me a decent girth routine with this in mind:

i've got :
a cable clamp
about 30 mins a day, on saterday and sunday i've got more than that

i want:
to do a 5on/2off schedule

i was thinking:
doing 1 maximum clamp set : beginning with 10 mins total and adding 2 minutes every week;
is this a good way of progression ? or should i do more sets ?


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Nov 25, 2003
You could take a hanging apporach at the clamping routine. I think it would work out pretty good. in hanging a lot of guyd do 4 sets at 15 min a piece.

So try this out, first get you penis conditioned to clamp work. For the first two weeks start off at 10mins a session, work your way up to more mins in a session as the days go by. Do 1 set a day during this time peorid.

After your wang is conditioned to clamp work try this.

In the AM when waking do a 10 min clamp session, do exercise#1 in RED's constrictor guide. When you get home from work or whatever it is you do, go find some privicy and do anoter 10 min session. Last before you go to bed at night do one more 10min session.

If you feel your not getting enough work in the penis go ahead and add some mins to each set. for example unstead of 10mins go for 15mins a session.

So it would look like this.

7am 10 to 15mins clamp time.
4pm 10 to 15 mins clamp time
10pm 10 to 15 mins of clamp time.

I think you could get good gains doing it like this.

Remember to read RED's constrictor guide if you have'nt already, it is important to do that, print a copy of it so you can have it as a quick reference in you sock drawer! :)

Good luck and Good gains to ya!
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