Jun 3, 2003
Hey all,
Although this thread could be placed in Routines and Progress section, I thought I'd put it here so everybody could read it.
Well I joined the MOS site a little less than 2 weeks ago. Looked through the exercises and picked the ones that were more length concentrated. So I've been doing the exercises every night quite religiously before going to bed. My dick was getting more of an exercise than every before and I knew I'd see some gains soon. So last night I decided to measure and to my suprise, I've gained 0.25" BPenis EnlargementL! Im now 8.25" BPenis EnlargementL. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I measured again, and again, and again. I've gained 1/4 of an inch in less than 2 weeks! Just wanted to say thanks to DLD for the guidance and great exercises. Im going to keep it up.
I do not really have a set routine in case you were wondering. I mix it all up during my 1/2 hour daily stretch routine. I do alot of blasters, bundled blasters, and many other of the stretches that are on the site. I stretch mostly straight down and straight up due my LOT being around 8:30. After my 1/2 hour of stretching, I do about 15 minutes of dry jelqing mostly in the upwards or downwards directions.
I hope this post is inspirational to all those who are Penis Enlargementing epecially to those that are stuck at a measurement. I was stuck at just below 8" BPenis EnlargementL for 2 months, 0 gains. And then I joined, read through all the new amazing exercises on this site, and it all changed. Just keep it up and you WILL see results.
Great News Popp.

Betcha Your Now Thinking ***Damn this was the Best Hard Earned $50US or $70 Canadian Dollars I ever Spent***

Keep up the Work and Its going to Keep Growing & Growing & Growing &.......

Wait to you see the New Stuff we Got Coming.

DLD is the Miggidy Miggidy Mack Daddy.
Thanks guys!
Yeah, Jaz I can't wait for the new stuff to come. Any idea when its coming?
Very nice gains Popp! Here come 9...What a wonderful accomplishment 9 is! That is the MONSTER CLUB!
Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
Very nice gains Popp! Here come 9...What a wonderful accomplishment 9 is! That is the MONSTER CLUB!

I will be extatic when I reach 9" BPenis EnlargementL. I will be even more extatic when I reach 9" NBPenis EnlargementL!!
I've been doing alot of erect twists and pushing down on my erection, and to my suprise my BPFSL and BPenis EnlargementL are pretty much the same now. There used to be a minimum 0.5" difference between the 2 (FBPSL being longer). I recommend doing twists and erect lig stretches to transform FBPSL gains to erect length gains.
Great job! Better hurry though! I'll be where you are, very soon! Bwuahahahah! :D

I hope so ItsElectric. Getting gains like that are quite motivational.
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