1. eugine8plz

    How to get BPEL closer to FBPSL???

    Hey guys, so i need help getting my BPEL closer to my FBPSL. My BPEL is about 7.3 and my FBPSL is about 7.75. I know that erect stretching is supposed to help so i just started doing that today for about 5 sets of 30-45 seconds each (if i can hold good eq for that long lol). So i was just...
  2. S

    Repeating stretching

    Hello mos. Well yesterday when i was doing legth section on dld routine phase 2 i found out accidentanly a new way of stretching. just like the normal stretching i started to stretch on a repeating pulling tempo just like the tempo you do to masturbate. I realized that i could stretch to 0.5-1...
  3. VladtheImpaler

    Do you notice this while stretching???

    Ive been noticing for a good while, that from manual stretching, where i stretch 1" down from the head, about 65% of the time when i whip it out this area while flaccid is significantly thinner or .25-.75" less girth (guesstimates).....When i give him a shake and get some bloodflow its shapely...
  4. D

    DLD gained 2 inches from Newbie but some U guys quit way before

    DLD says he gained 2 inches from the Newbie routine it seems to me like a lot of you switch from that routine way before you gain 2 inches? and start doing real advanced stuff do you ever think you should just stick with the newbie routine for awhile longer?
  5. Cybershot

    Wow, if you're stuck on length....

    give DLD fulcrum stretches a shot. Especially if you're transitioning out of the newbie routine! These helped me break through my plateau right before 7" BPenis EnlargementL. Before I'd been doing more and more intense mods of the newbie routine but DLD recommended giving these a shot (THANK...
  6. M

    Wow I just hit 8" BPEL

    That is if I measure from the underside of my penis. The difference between measuring on the bottom versus the top is about half an inch and the difference between measuring from the side and the top is a quarter of an inch. In terms of keeping track of gains, I measure from the top but I...
  7. DLD

    Plyometrics Blasters, my quest for the ultimate length routine...A Study by DLD

    Plyometric Blasters Overview This is a new theory I have been working on and wanted to share some of the research I have done and introduce a new exercise that I have been experimenting with using this data. The exercise is Plyometrics Blasters and my main goal in this exercise is to employ...
  8. dyslexic_smile

    Size database

    I wrote in the thread for the "Penis Poll" about the fact that I am writing a size database program. Just wanted to say that I got a good deal of the base code done over the past couple days. I expect this venture to take awhile though, seeing as programming is a time-consuming process. I...
  9. P

    Gained 0.25" BPEL in Less Than 2 Weeks!

    Hey all, Although this thread could be placed in Routines and Progress section, I thought I'd put it here so everybody could read it. Well I joined the MOS site a little less than 2 weeks ago. Looked through the exercises and picked the ones that were more length concentrated. So I've been...
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