A tip for those who suffer from premature ejaculation


Hey, I actually have never had Penis Enlargement, I had the opposite. I was unable to cum during any sexual act for the first 6 months after I became sexually active. It turns out that I had become desensitized due to frequent masturbation. All throughout my teens I jacked off 3-4 times per day and at the age of 17 when I lost my virginity, I was so accustomed to my hand that I did not cum.

I am not recommending that you make this your goal, but to those who have a persistent Penis Enlargement problem, the answer might be to increase your jacking off.


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L-Methionine a free form Amino Acid is known to reduce a person's histamine level. Low histamine levels make it harder for a man to ejaculate. I've tried this along with L-Arginine and the two create quite an oyster like effect. Yes I also believe that oysters are good for the sex drive as well, and so does my girl-friend. Whenever we're at a seafood restaurant she orders a dozen for me.


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I've always considered myself a pre-maure ejaculator, but I never considered it a chronic or clinical condition. I just attributed it to a lack of experience and control. The main thing I've learned from self experimentation and sex experiences is that RELAXATION is important.
This goes along with the anxiety theory. It makes a big difference to be comfortable with the person you are with and TAKE YOUR TIME. One thing I've discovered is that the more time you spend getting aroused the longer you can stay aroused - even after orgasm!
Don't just stick it in the moment you get hard.
I think thorough arousal actually has a desensitizing effect. I've had times during masturbation when I spent a long time just teasing and stimulating, not trying to just get off, and when I finally did come I just stayed hard and could come time and time again without going soft. I've had experiences making love when after a couple orgasms I felt I could go all night. It was mainly due to taking the time to enjoy being aroused. That also applies to intercourse itself. Try to make the sex act a journey of discovery, not a sprint to the finish line.

Go slowly at first and just get used to being inside. The moment you feel you're going to come, stop and squeeze it back with a hard kegel, possibly even take it out. I've found that after a couple of these i can push myself gently over the plateu without ejaculating, and after that its no problem. There is a loss of sensitivity but not enough to loose the enjoyment.
The real pleasure is in being able to take your sweet time inside, listening to her make all her noises, and watching her when you push her to the finish line first.

The reverse Kegel is also a technique I've heard works well. It goes along with the deep breathing and relaxation. Basically, instead of squeezing the PC muscle you relax and push out as though trying to piss hard. I've tried it with some success but it requires alot of control and conscious effort.

I once worked on a porn film and spoke briefly to one of the male actors who was a pretty popular star in the biz. I asked him how they are able to last so long and he said that they just disconnect their minds from the act. They think of something else, look around the room and think about the decorations. Sort of defeats the point of sex, but then its all about performance for them.
I also notice that in just about all porn they spend alot of time arousing the guy. The girl will spend 15 minutes stroking and sucking the guy. I think this is related to what I was explaining above, that it is important to get thoroughly aroused in order to last longer.


Originally posted by tune-i-ka
L-Methionine a free form Amino Acid is known to reduce a person's histamine level. Low histamine levels make it harder for a man to ejaculate.
What does L-Methionine do to allergies?

I also believe that slowing down taking your time may benefit. I am hoping that with better circulation in my penis and a stronger PC muscle I can help to stave off Penis Enlargement.

Anyone else have this problem? Or has anyone ever been able to completely control this problem so that it isn't a problem anymore?

I think the Penis Enlargement exercises in general help out with Penis Enlargement. I used to have a real problem with it. Not quite the 'two hump chump', but after about 30 seconds I really wanted to shoot. Then paxil came... good old paxil, lol. My girlfriend made me stop taking it after I lasted 3 hours one night and didnt even finish. It was like miracle wood because I never went down during that 3 hour period.

I'm off paxil now though and have been working on my PC exercises and control. I can pretty much last however long I want to now.

So for all of you out there with problems, take paxil! lol


I think I am suddenly becoming moody, and depressed. Maybe I need to see my doctor soon? :D

Three hours! That is nuts. I hope your girlfriend crowned you king after that. lol.



Yeah, I've never had a problem with Penis Enlargement....in fact the opposite, like some of the other people on here have been saying.
Penis enlargment exercises are good for getting over premature ejaculation too...I've been going even longer since I've been jelqing and getting into DLD's routines.


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Aint it just the fact that when we do Penis Enlargement exercises were touching our dicks all the time so it gets used to it more and therefor arnt as bothered whe na girl does it?


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