Total Enlargement System for sale


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If you want the ultimate enlargment sytem here it is

I have the Joe Kaplan Premium MegaVac Electric Pump System,

1- 3 X 12 cylinder for cock and balls

1-2 X 12 cylinder for Length and girth

1-1.75 X 12 cylinder just for length

1-Mushroom Head cylinder for head enlargement

8 pumping Weights

All Tubing that is Nessasary

2 Forskin Restoration Devices

Lots of assortments of Leather straps, ball straps and cock staps

Weight hanging system and weights

2 Powerjelq Devices

1 Ball weight Stretcher

I will sell this all for $1000.00 US dollars. I paid twice that much but I need to get it off the self.
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Doesn't Joe Kaplan make tattoo machines and equipment?

Do you really expect someone to buy your used pumping stuff? That's kinda gross, man...even if it is autoclaved (which it should be, if possible) or disinfected.


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Who really knows, it didnt work for me again, I said I have a iron dick, pumping did give me lots of girth though. As for everyone else, some people might want a pump , you never know. I have it and am willing to let it go.


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2 of the cyclinders are unused, the 3" and the mushroom head the forskin devices are unused ad so are the cock rings and bands.

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