Sigh, why do men lie??



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Read that whole thread. The one guy is whining about his 11.5x9.5" FLACCID penis. In his next reply in same thread he is "over 17 inches long and "about" 11.5" in girth when erect and, "the head is the size of a grapefruit". LOL I do not dispute the fact that there ARE a lot of well endowed men in the world and the fact that now, in the information age we live in where it is easy for people from all parts of the world to connect with each other and, that surely some of these men with very large penises are in fact seeking others like themselves out online...but, comon guys there is no way this guy is what he claims. MAYBE his girth is "legit" but, if it is he is an "extreme pumper" and, that is where his girth is from. I called the one guy out on it (gigantikok...aka mkeycrash..aka "Mr. R", aka, aka....) because he was obviously (to me) spewing some bull. He's been around for several years on some forums...was a testimonial provider for a paysite ( ...I know because his pics are still on the site and on his yahoo group he started.
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Funny, I've seen "gigantikok" complaining about he hates when people lie about their size, because it takes away from the credit he deserves as a truly big guy.
Yeah SWM I just went to that link.
Rubbish aint it, absolute crap.
That Gigantikok guy has spammed PridePenis a few times, and I banned him.
He was obsessed with that Forsize site.

Also seen his pictures, but only the underwear ones on yahoo.
Thier at the PP site infact.

Anyways VERY NICE post back SWM :) Coudn't of done it better myself, that should put the wind up them.
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