MTV's Room Raiders special:PE

J/W wat it'd be like to see three of u guys really into Penis Enlargement to be on the show. if ya haven't seen it, its like one girl goes into three guys rooms while they're not home, and choose who they want to date based on what they see in their room.

I can just imagine the expression on a girlss face goin into Supras room :D


No knowing Supra he'd probably get the girl that knows all about Penis Enlargement.

"Oh I see he has a Bib hanger , several ADS's, some ball rings...I'll pick him!"
that show is funny, there are sometimes some really good looking girls on there, the only thing i get sick of is that they tape the show only on the east coast around new york and i get sick of seeing that same type of people over and over again.
the girls sometimes check how big a guys shoes are and usually make a comment about dick size. if i was on that show id probably lose on the fact that im like 6'0' feet tall and wear a size 9-9.5.
its hilarious how they always find porn on the computer and always find wacked out sex sites that were probably just popups or adwared into their favorites and the girl gets all freaked out.
how funny would it be if she was like "matters of size forum.... whats this..."
a little national advertising for dld


I'd leave some before and after pictures on the wall... but thats just me :D

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