1. A

    Can someone recommend and ADS for me?

    I am able to use PeniMaster for 2x2 hours at best, since it hurts over time and am looking for something I could wear to maintain gains after PeniMaster and jelqing. My size is in the signature. Anything you could recommend to me that would extend over time and could be worn for log periods of...
  2. supermeatboy

    Fatigued shaft the next morning. Should I wear ADS?

    I just found out about bundled stretches and sock hook stretches. They are extremely effective at building fatigue in the shaft and can be combined! But I see that the fatigue persist throughout the next morning and the next day. There is no way I can do more of those intense manual stretches...
  3. REDZULU2003

    Silistretcher is easy and evolving

    I first wore my Silistretcher about a week ago now, and have tested it a few times since. Its really very simple to execute, and get started with. Precisely what it was intended for, without any complications in knowing allot beforehand, like some devices have needed in the past. My only...
  4. bluetard117

    Thoughts on the SiliStretcher after a week

    Hey all, I've slowly been getting back into PE after taking a hiatus from anything PE related because of a pelvic floor injury. If you want to know what happened, look up 'Cyclists Syndrome', and that's exactly what happened to me. Thankfully, after a lot of help and physical therapy from a...
  5. Lightning

    Maximizing Vacuum on the SiliStretcher Video

    In this video we show you how to maximize vacuum on the SiliStretcher to hang heavy weight.
  6. Lightning

    Sizing the SiliStretcher Penis Vacuum ADS / Hanger Video

    In this video we show you how to properly measure your penis for the SiliStretcher Penis Vacuum ADS/Hanger.
  7. Lightning

    Unboxing the SiliStretcher Video

    This video shows the unboxing of the new SiliStretcher piston vacuum all day penis stretcher and hanger.
  8. H

    ADS experience

    Hey gang. I'm getting set to make a hard run with SRT. I'd like to research a stretcher to wear while sleeping. It seems that those are some some serious wasted hours. Thoughts?
  9. Lightning

    NEW - SiliStretcher All Day Stealth Penis Vacuum Stretcher and Hanger

    With over 15 years of research and development, MOS is proud to bring you our exclusive stealth silistretcher for all day penis stretching and weight hanging. The silistretcher is a simple yet effective fool-proof vacuum piston ASD/Hanger system that is self contained and requires no external...
  10. P

    Newbie looking to start with hanging and ADS

    I am new to this and I am looking to build up some gains, I am already well experienced with Jelqing and I am looking to change my routine to a more advanced one, I want to begin hanging and also wearing an ADS device for a couple hours, I really don't have an idea what weight would be best to...
  11. Wintergates

    New member quick questions

    Hello 1) is clamping equal to jelq in terms of effectiveness 2) can u gain lenght by hanging very light for hours straight "time under tension" method with enough weight just to feel a gradual stretch increasing fatigue over time 3) Is it better to decide the path "girth or lenght" first and...
  12. DLD

    Welcome to Big Al's Question and Answer forum and Me Coach assistance

    A big welcome onboard to Big Al! I hope all goes perfect!
  13. A

    Minimum stretched girth required for sleeves?

    Hello, I am interested in getting a Phallosan but I am researching on what are the best sleeves to get other than what Phallosan provides as I have read that they are of poor quality. More importantly, is the best alternative sleeve for the Phallosan able to fit and provide max suction on less...
  14. K

    Uncle Jim’s Wrap Video

    Anyone know whe I can find a tutorial video of how to wrap using the Uncle Jim’s Wrap technique?
  15. K

    PE Partner?

    Does anyone have a PE partner that you do PE with? Just thinking that a lot of people benefit from having a workout partner in the gym, so what about a brother to keep you accountable?
  16. O

    do you oil your extender?

    hey guys, i've noticed my extender was squeeking. I used an oil similar to WD-40 and the squeeking stopped and also the force of the stretch became more powerful. so I think you should try this but use it only on the parts that compresse. enjoy :)
  17. X

    Steel cord / septum

    Hey guys, I've been focusing on length a lot lately and yesterday I finally noticed the phenomenon referred to as the steel cord. When pulling straight out flaccid stretch, I feel a distinct cord running through the entire penis which is DEFINITELY the limiting factor. Every part of the...
  18. DLD

    Kegels are essential to growth! No Kegels, slow to no growth. New thoughts by DLD.

    I was pondering the differences in men who have made very fast gains and those who have been slow to gain. This always bothered me because I could compare many men, who are using the same workout, where some gain and some do not with the only difference being Kegels. We tend to look at Kegels...

    Active ADS vs Passive ADS?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but ACTIVE ADS refers to something that pulls/stretches the penis with constant tension? Aka something like a PF, VLC, SG, etc. Whereas PASSIVE ADS is something that doesn't provide much tension but MAINTAINS a certain elongated and/or expanded state? Aka something...
  20. D

    To Rest or Not to Rest

    One thing I've never truly figured out the right way to do was my scheduling. I've done length routines one day then girth the next with no rest. Also done everything every day no rest. Then I've done everything one day rest next. No particular schedule ever seemed to give more or less results...
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