Facinating information regarding penis size

Length is merely a precursor to what you can assist her in achieving the optimal satisfaction. Length allows you to have certain combinations of plays in various positions. Most females will tell each other in secrets (in which I have prevvies to at times during the drunken girls' talks), that same positions get old fast even with intense stimulating foreplay. They like varieties, especially the old intense positions or the bygone days.

SMH. I can't do the cuddling rear any more due to. Her body size changes. She hinted those old positions without saying it out loud for the past 5 years, and now said it loud and clear. Same with her friends who desired of those old bygone positions as their men can't provide. Takeaway points, ask them, and then travel your PE journeys based on your needs to make both of you happy. Don't just travel the path alone and make mistakes unless you do it for your own glories.
I think that if you're in a relationship and your wife is happy with your should make a compromise
Exactly. Always communicate to find that middle ground. Let her tell you what's enough and what's needed extra. It takes two to tango.
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