Famous Penis Pics . . The Real Deal


I recognized several of these names from the infamous groupie penis size report that has been posted various places. Several of the reported '12 inchers' are, how shall we say, a little bit short. This ought to seal the deal for anybody that was doubting a woman's complete inability to accurately judge penis size . . . even groupies.
most of them are fake!
IMHO the only ones that are real are the ones like Tommy Lee and Brett Michaels.
I doubt the ones of brad are real!
Well Brad Pitt said in the newspaper that: "I'm hung as a hamster"...
And Jonah Falcon is real.
ItsElectric said:
Brad Pitt's still the man!

True, it's not the dick who makes the man, it's whats on the inside.
Dicks are only for view and sensation, in other meens, a TOOL.
IS jonah falcon really 13.5 inches? He looks about that if he is truly flaccid in those pics. Also I thought brads flaccid wasn't so bad. Billie Joels from green day was sad.
I don't think many of those are actually faked. There was a seperate section for faked photos suBathmateitted to the site, and some of them are clearly scans from magazines or still shots from movies TV. Perhaps one of the people with some professional image manipulation experience can comment. Brad Pitt appeared to be around what is considered average for a guy just cruising around outdoors naked, also many have pointed out that the flacid size is not a direct indicator of erect size.
If you do a search I am fairly certain there have been several 'jonah falcon' centered threads in the past, and I believe DLD is rather incredulous of his claims. Don't quote me on that though.
Looks like Jonah Falcon has been hanging around MOS!! This pose looks strangely familiar! and his so called measurements are <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=130 border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD>Jonah is flaccid in this picture, with a penis measurement of 9.5". When he's fully erect it measures at 13.5".


This one has me amazed Jeff Probst maker of Survivor (I dont watch it)



I don't know about that Probst photo. Why would he take a picture like that in his dressing room? Looks like it was before Survivor so maybe he was desperate for jobs. I know Stallone did a porno before he hit the big time. I thought he'd be bigger than this.


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