Don't believe everything (or anything?) you see!


Hey there guys.

I just thought I had to post this link. The point I'm trying to make is the same one DLD is always trying to make. I also think that this site might help DLD with his studies about how penis images are changed.

As you can see: the original image is the touched up image, and when you roll the mouse cursor over the image, it goes back to the original. Also check out the models full body shots and also click on "return to digital gallery" to see what else this guy has done. Pretty awesome changes.


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Good old thread that illustrates how imagery in the media is very controlled and manipulated. I did see a television programme on this once. Models have pictures touched up all the time that go on the front pages of magazines.


In your case she is being touched up with scars to hide her beauty. I'll do the research: it's Harmony just, trust me. Losing weight too fast makes it too easy to regain it. You already know what to eat :p


It's so true too.. I work in fashion, and there are a rare few who look good naturally. *cougHydromaxecough* But I've seen celebrities in person.. like let's say Blake Lively. She's probably prettier in person than she is in pictures. She literally glowed when I was watching her. Or Penn Badgely, he looks better on camera than in person haha. Stacy London looks better in person. It's usually the women that look better.. But these are stars I'm talking about. They have money for the best skin regime's, plastic surgery, personal trainers, bridge and higher clothing luxuries. The woman in that picture is just some girl who thinks she can model.. no offense to her. Not everyone can be lucky I guess.

I dressed one of America's next top model's for fashion week.. I think it was Aminat? Anyways. Banging body, had to change her into a bathing suit. Face.. well, photoshop is amazing.