Jun 5, 2003
Hey guys, new to this forum. Does stretching ligs result in a droopy penis in the long run? I want gains, but I know that enlargement surgery severes ligs that attach the penis to the body, resulting in a larger but droopy penis. I'm worried that stretching affects these same ligaments may result in a similar all though less severe result. For those of you have experienced gains, does your penis droop more now or what? Thanks!
No. Some say your erection angle may suffer a bit because of the increased weight of a larger penis but I have not found this. I have made good gains and my erection angle is actually better than it wast post-pe. I think is the PC muscles are trained in accordance with the growth there is no problem.
i have to agree with DLD ...i have not made alot of gains yet ..but my erection angle is higher than before Penis Enlargement
Based on my limited knowledge the only thing that could lower your erection angle is hanging. But i really don't think that it will happen with manual stretching, the stress you are putting on your ligs is made during a short amount of time (max 30 sec to 1 min), with hanging you put stress for a long time ( 20 min x 3 set or more).

I don't believe it makes you have a droopy penis at all. In fact you can do exercises to make it at an upward angle if you wish. That's what i've been doing and my erection is now higher than ever.

I haven't seen any problems with erect angle. My flaccid penis "droops" signifigantly lower though. ;)
My gains, though still early, are primarily apparent in flaccid hang. It isn't 'drooping' but 'hanging' and that difference in perception is important to me.

I've always been a grower, never had much hang, but it's now swinging and I believe it's from the initial lig work: intense jelqing and A-stretches.

Erection angle seems unaffected so far.
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Hey, thanks for the input guys! Encouraging to see the support given on the forum. Looking foward to gains soon!
I dont think it can do nothing to your erection but to improve it, eventhough you dont gain anything.
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