Another strange dream I had last night.



So I was dreaming that I was at Wal-Mart...yes I know, an odd enough dream already. I'm shopping, minding my own business, then some guy....a complete stranger to me....walks up to me and says "It's YOU!" I look at him puzzled. He follows up with "Youre Stillwantmore!" Then I woke up. Is this an indicator of things to come in the future??? LOL.
Hahaha, it could very well be! I live in TN afterall! If I ever see someone resembling you, I'll be sure to say that now! :D

Yep, that was you! Over in the vitamins section next to the L-Argenine rack.
Maybe ESPN will give you a TV contract for one of their channels. Instead of Body By Jake, we could workout to Penis By stillwantmore. :clapper:
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