A ? 4 JENN & the other women of MOS

Aug 26, 2003
JENN i guess you have been with DLD from day one.what were your thoughts when he was starting out,when he was gaining,and after he made huge gains?were you curious?excited? ever skeptical(early on LMAO ) you know,what kind of thoughts were goin through your head throughout the whole time period?
and all you other ladies,what are your thoughts & opinions on all of us guys doin the pe thing? are you curious,think we're all penis obsessed,ever think "these guys got waaay too much time on their hands?it woould be kinda cool to hear what all you girls think(even the ones that have been lurking),good time to come out and voice your thoughts.:)


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Jun 20, 2003
I remember reading Jen's comments on how the experience has been through DLD's Penis Enlargement. I'm not sure if it's in the members only section or the part of the MOS paysite that is available for preview. Good read though.
Apr 26, 2004
I think it is great , for what ever reason the man has for doing it. besides , I am the one that gets to beniefit from it in the "end" ... :)
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