Turkey Neck!!!


does anyone know how to get rid of a turkey neck without surgery i think getting rid of this would help me in looking alot bigger.

and wouldnt stretching the skin make it bigger or not?
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How does a turkey neck dick look like?
http://www.drwhitehead.com/bnapicsLWGandS.html SO that is a turkey neck? then i dont have one. At least not that long mine is very short, mine only goes to ste start of the penis i think. So its no problem for me. I Guess im lucky then?


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I have one but its not as extreme as the one in that picture. I guess you really have to stretch that skin.


Supra said:
Go read my Turkey Neck Q&A in my Forum the ALT Penis Enlargement Forum
were is this website i cant find it?
some1one said:
ok so you said how to not make it worse by grabbing it when jelqing or stretching but how do you get rid of it do you just do ball stretching?
The best way is to use a small stretcher or ball weight. It will make a WORLDof difference. Check out Sup's pics,

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