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Jun 3, 2003
y experience with this whole game went through many stages. I have been on pretty high doses of certain medications that throughout my adult years have slowly made getting a good erection difficult. About 2 years ago I decided I wanted to do something about this. I did a simple google search on the net for this condition and the first link I clicked brought me to the back door of some Penis Enlargement site which I still have no clue to who it was. I printed out the complete info and started to read. I had no interest at the time of increasing the size of my penis nor did I think it even possible I did however have some faith in the exercises geared at increasing erection strength. I decided to do the whole program anyway to see what happens. Now it is very important to understand the claims this guy made and how that affected my own results as I slowly gained faith in the entire program. He claimed a few things that seemed impossible to me at the time. Some being; gain 4" in one year, gain 2" of girth in one year, last longer, the hardest erection ever, among other extraordinary claim. Well about two months into the program, which I followed religiously, I started to notice changes as did Jennifer. The first being stretch marks on the belly of my penis. Quickly following were much harder erections, I was lasting much longer, sex started to feel tighter, I noticed hair growing up the side of my penis, things just started to happen that he said would happen. I was a convert, I BELIEVED!

After my new found confidence and faith in this program I started to add and incorporate. I still had not measured my penis but as I said that was not the original issue of doing these exercises. This program was intense and grueling. I took alot of time and was done daily. By the time I did finally measure I was 8.25" long and 6 months into the program. I started at 6.5" so this only made my confidence in his program that much greater. At this point I stumbled on to the peform.net site and started to read and study.

I actually felt discouraged about my gains thinking I should be closing in on at least a 3" gain because I was moving into the last third of my year. According to the original ligature 4" was what was promised and so far everything he promised materialized. This is when I made my first post at peforums.net. I came out saying how depressed I was about my minimal gains and needed some help to get bigger. Well this was not appreciated very much and an all out attack ensued on me. People thought I was full of shit and making all this up. It wasn't until further inspection that I realized the extent of my original gains. Soon after seeing what normal gains were I could appreciate the forum anger. I really wanted to be accepted by this elite force of Penis Enlargement brethren and I was willing to do what I needed to be accepted. At the time I posted my first pictures I was closing in on 9.5” in length and I think 6” of girth. I new to be accepted as a real person photos would be important. They were just the thing to gain acceptance.

The first people that befriended me were Dino, Buster, DrGmerlin, Luvdadus, Twatteaser, Pamdaga and my long lost friend MisterEd. I was quickly encouraged to get involved in the forum and I slowly did. After reading how good my gains were in comparison to what people usually gained I entered my first plateau. I started to lose faith in the original text and start believing I made all the gains I could. 10” seemed out of the question and I stopped believing. This is when I met Bib (Bigger). When I heard he broke these barriers I quickly regained my faith and redesigned my entire program.

I started looking into all forms of science and how they apply to penis enlargement. I took a particular interest in simple machines and how I could incorporate this knowledge into my own manual exercises. Soon after this developed some of the exercises that I still use today. These exercises were all the result of applied information and belief. Exercises like Counter Stretches, DLD Blasters, A-Stretches, Dual Fulcrums, Ankle Fulcrums, Bundled Stretches, Horseshoes (DLD Bends) and other less known exercises manifested. These exercises put into a semi organized format and my faith in Bib brought me beyond the 10” mark.

During this entire process I was suffering with my own mental disorders and felt so connected to this forum that I decided to start being honest with these issues. I suffer from acute O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and as a result I am agoraphobic. Due to this disorder basic life is very difficult for me to live. I cannot go into public. It takes hours to bathe, I cannot hold any type of job, and normal relationships are a luxury I will probably never see. (Thank God for you guys and my dear Jennifer) My initial fear of rejection was quickly dimmed by the incredible support I received. This led to some of the studies I have worked on. The friends I made in this forum really encouraged me to take control of my problems and start doing something about it. Over the following moths I jumped head first into “Is Everything you See Really what Your Seeing”, The Yakface thread “Self-View”, and my numerous other threads addressing these problems and what to do. I quickly was not only embraced by the people here I was joined in my struggle. I found out that many men suffered from some of the same problems I did. Since that time I have devoted much time to working on these issues and offering help to my brothers in these forums. I saw that when I could help someone I was truly helping myself.

My life since has become somewhat manageable. I spend most of my time here and in the bathroom I have more than met my final goals and have gone beyond that. I have also realized that I can do something with life of value. This potential was born out of these forums and the love of my fellow pe’ers. I am truly a product of my environment and my environment is you.
Great story DLD, I think we all have something to learn from you :)
Originally posted by teoman
Great story DLD, I think we all have something to learn from you :)

Thanks Teoman:)
hi DLD, i'm new here but i've been in another Penis Enlargement forum before. I noticed that sentence were u mentioned hairs on the side of your dick, latley i'm getting those too, wot's the deal with them? is it a sign of some gains?
Originally posted by Hoover
hi DLD, i'm new here but i've been in another Penis Enlargement forum before. I noticed that sentence were u mentioned hairs on the side of your dick, latley i'm getting those too, wot's the deal with them? is it a sign of some gains?

i think so,but maybe someone else that knows can answer.

good story DLD:)
Very good and inspiring post! I had a slightly similar experience regarding finding the peforum.net site. Well back then it was http://pub4.ezboard.........com.. I came across as you put it a 'backdoor' entrance through an AOL search into Brandon Reeces' program. Started chatting with other guys in his chat room and, ended up being referred to the peforum site. The rest is history.
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