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Jul 2, 2003
I was wondering if anyone used a heating pad during their routine? Does it make you have a better stretch? How much heat do you use?

Inquiring minds want to know.
When I was hanging weights, I used a hot rice sock my first 10 minutes of every set. I applied the heat directly to the part of the penis that was not covered by the hanger and on the base of the shaft. Heat makes the tissues more pliable. Also helps ligaments stretch. To make a rice sock, all you need is a clean white sock, a cup and a half ish of dry white rice and a microwave. Pour the rice into the sock and tie it off. Place it in the microwave for a minute the first time to see how hot it gets. If it's not hot enough up the time by 20 seconds. You have to be carefull and, not over cook it! You can burn the rice pretty easily. My rice sock would stay hot for around 10 minutes sometimes longer. Much cheaper than a heating pad.
I wonder if DLD's new stretcher would work with like a battery operated heated sock or something?
It would help with blood circulation I guess (I've noticed the weaner gets pinkish after the hot towel treatment). But as far as heat causing a shift in the elastic modulus of hte dick or the yield point, I doubt if it would be sufficient. I'm thinking in terms of regular materials. Heating is known to shift the yield point of materials (the point after which deformation is plastic. Till the yield point, deformation to applied stress is elastic). So theoretically, heat is supposed to lower the yield point, and plastic deformation => Penis Enlargement gains.

But I doubt if heat pad/warm towels can heat the inner tunica to fairly high temperatures to shift the yield point. Think about how high you need to heat a plastic to achieve plastic deformation when you stretch! Also the thermal condutivity of human tissue being poor, the temperature gradient between the tunica and the outer dick skin will be large, ie, there is not enough heat crossing over to the tunica owing to the poor thermal conductivity of penis tissue. However this is just my view, not enough proof to stand by it!

Infact that was one of the main reasons I looked into infrared for heating the inner dick. The NASA research was an added bonus I stumbled upon!
Great post. Type 1 collagen isn't stable at even normal body temperature. So the increase will definitely cause some unraveling, as one study I saw put it.

There are two layers of the tunica. One resistant to length and one to girth. So, heating the outside would allow the length stretch to cause some form of plastic deformation but I also believe that the tissues must cool in the extended state for any possible gains. Then again, this isn't my field of study.
No no. Well, it isn't my field of study either, it's from what I recollect of 1st yr UG! When you cross the yield point, deformation is plastic. Plastic deformation means deformation is permanent. In elastic deformation the material retracts to original length. Now, I bet any form of heating of human tissue *may not* cross it's yield point. So it may be somewhat near the yield point, which means deformation is partially plastic and partly elastic. Another factor in human tissue is healing. So keeping tissue stretched will trigger the healing mechanism to fill the voids caused by microcracks. I think that's the theory of traction right? And mind you, plastic deformation is also caused by microscopic tears in the material. Only thing is that a non living tissue won't heal...
So to answer your Q, heating with stretching might *slightly* reduce the yield point of the tunica (dunno length or girth). The *slightly* is because as I said, owing to the poor thermal conductivity of the penis, the temperature at the tunica will be fairly low, even if it felt hot in the outer skin. But you say type-I collagen is unstable at even body temp. So then the heating might work!!
Another thing I heard about wound healing. Healing might just weld the microtears together, which means the voids close back to original length! Unless ofcourse you keep it stretched while it's healing to spurt hyperplasia. Isn't that's what's happening in traction?
Dry heat almost certainly will not cross into the tunica but wet heat may have a much better chance.

I think that gains are an accumulation of first a form of hypertrophy and then tearing. Micro tears will most definitely cause a fibroblast effect. This will stimulate new cells.

As in ligaments, this effect can be over done.


Wow, I am with some real smart college boys here. Each being humble enough to claim that this isn't their area of specialization, while stiull woowing us with their jack of all trades knowledge base.

Something of interest to you is that a guy formerly known as 7-up is now Magnum XL and uses a heat to cold system to make gains. Look him up on the other forums.
Originally posted by SnakePlissken
Something of interest to you is that a guy formerly known as 7-up is now Magnum XL and uses a heat to cold system to make gains.

What do you do BTW snakeplissken? Myself, I got out of college and I started working... Yeah it's a pleasure to have 8 on this forum coz I'm a metal fan + computer science geek who likes to be jack of all ;). He's the true bio whiz..
I'm not a member of any other forum. What does this 7-up guy do?
I am just a normal guy trying to get my dick bigger. Nothing special that's all.

This 7-up fellow was on �other forum�, Penis Enlargement Forum, and the old EZ Board Penis Enlargement Forum (I think?). He had an interesting idea of how this could be somethinhg important to the subject.
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