Everyone's nationalities ......

well ...let me see ....first off i am from the usa and i am part american indian (apache)....my family history tells me that i am decended from irish heritage ...... and also i'm 33 yrs old .......married with 3 kids ..... i know this is more than the info you wanted but i fig. i would put this info in here instead of starting a new thread ....


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I am a mixture indeed.

Very small amount French, have Scottish, Welsh, Irish, English and Cypriot [Turk] Blood.

I was born In Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

I am 19 Years old and I am a FireMan.
French at 90% German at 10%



I'm half Greek via my Mother. I know my Dad has some Native American ....way, way back in him....some Irish....not sure what else. My Mom's 100% Greek though.

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100% pure-breed welsh as far as anyone in my family can remember. (which is many generations)

I am tall, fair, with blonde hair, so my dad reckons that I inherited all the recessive viking genes :D


Father's family is English, mother's side Italian and Dutch. I'm third generation North American on both sides.
I live in England

50% English
50% Spanish


I am caucasian, most of my lineage can be traced to Germany, Ireland, and Scotland.
I'm Polish, German, Scotch/Irish, Welsh, English, and American Indian (of some kind).

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