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Jun 3, 2003
Godsize on topical penis gel

I'll take the cream!
One question though... if you rub this cream on your dick, wouldn't your hands get bigger?
doublelongdaddy on the Size/Race Issue

I don't really give 2 fucks about who is the biggest by race and neither should anyone else who has been given the gift of Penis Enlargement. I don't see too many men walking around in any race with a 10" penis. I suggest a new race....The Penis Enlargement Race...On the average this race is 2" above any race...SO FUCK IT!
JAPP on DLD's Motives

The guy you mention (that would be me) had hidden agenda. He needed to develop a following so he could open a pay website and make a profit off Penis Enlargement (this was not appropriate in my opinion). His exaggerated claims are dubious at best. I and others believe he always was bigger than average when he started Penis Enlargement

SS4 on Penis Enlargement Theory

I like theories. They are cool! Plus you can talk in the trade terminology to impress people!

Dont do Penis Enlargement, just read about it, it's much less work!
JAZ on the DLD 3 Handed Cock Video

Yep, Japp was the 3rd Hand. He's really got a good grip of things.

Wow, its amazing that this Subject Came Up. DLD was telling me 2 weeks ago he always wanted to Fuck a Midget
brennaja on Penis Size Claims

...most guys grossly lie about the size of their penis. They make Enron look like an honest mistake.
LOL those are great!

Stillwantmore on extreme pumpers/guys who inject silicone into their penises and scrotums:

"....jeez, and I thought I was a freak hanging weights from my penis!"
Godsize on How I will test women about size

Are you gonna carry a suitcase full of different sized dildos, and make them choose the closest one?
belowav talking about the picture of rodney sucking his own balls...

belowav said:
:dropjaw: I always envied dogs because they can lick there own balls,,,, now i envy Rodney :clap:

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