"A Zinger from Zinc" copied from Men's Health

Thought this may be relevant.

Forty-seven thousand men can't be wrong. That's the number of men National Institutes of Health researchers studied to determine that supplementing with zinc may rise the risk of advanced prostate cancer. The study showed that men who consumed more than 100 mg of zinc per day had over twice the risk of advanced prostate cancer compared with men who took in less. Excess zinc may interfere with the protection provided by other nutrients. Zinc may counteract the tumor-protective effects of selenium. Look for a multi-vitamin that contains no more than 11 mg zinc, the recommending daily allowance for men.


Does the ROP have anything to do with my daily intake? ;) Having said that, everything else is peachy.


I think most men could get by and see positive benefits with 25mg or a little more through supplements daily and still be waaay under 100mg. Notice the study cites using 100mg+ daily. Just like most of these medical studies, they only cite the higher than needed doses and the negative results ....not the lower doses and the potential benefits. Hmm...;)
I just checked out a couple of the "ZMA" supplements and they seem to give you about 60 mg zinc on average if you follow the set dose. However if one also was eating a lot of foods that have zinc in them, not sure what those are, I guess you may have a problem. I guess its nothing really to worry about but I thought you guys should know.

By the way: I don't subscribe to men's health.


Crap. I guess maybe I should throw my 60mg pills out and get some with less. No big deal, they're pretty cheap.


Yeah but these are 60mg pills and I take one per day. I guess I could cut them in half.
60mg is the max supplemental zinc u should take


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ZMA only has 30mg in each recommended dose. that was the ratio developed by Barry Bond's suppliers.


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The role of Zinc in the maintenance of immune function is widely known and extensively reviewed (1). Zinc gluconate works well because it has a high "zinc ion availability" (ZIA) value. ZIA refers to the actual amount of zinc ion (Zn2+) released from a zinc compound. In the case of zinc gluconate, 30% of Zn2+ is released at pH 7.4 (the pH of the body).

Likewise, the very small amount of Zinc ions (Zn2+) released by the voltaic action of the Ballzinger may play an important role in healing tissue wounds, such as small tearing induced during Penis Enlargement exercises, and provides for enhanced immune functions and faster recovery time.

Copper is an essential trace mineral needed by the body in very small amounts. Copper is found in all tissues of the body but mostly in the skeleton and muscle. It has been proposed as a treatment for osteoporosis, and has long been mentioned as a possible treatment for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, a proliferation of copper bracelets and copper/magnetic bracelets to treat arthritis has taken place. They are common in drug stores.

Copper was originally studied as an anti-aging factor in the blood. It was discovered that it could greatly enhance healing outcomes both in acute surgical wound and in other wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers. More recently, researchers have found evidence that copper deficiency adversely affects healthy skin through a process known as glycation. In this phenomenon, sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen fibers where they trigger a series of chemical reactions culminating on the formation of irreversible coarse links. This causes loss of elasticity and wrinkling. A lack of copper also is partially responsible for thinning skin, and the density of the dermis has been determined to have an inverse correlation to skin health. People with thicker skin tend to be healthier. Thin skin tends to be more susceptible to wrinkling and injury.

Although the amount of copper ions released by the Ballzinger is very small, the benefits are obvious. This information will definitely be of value to individuals that actively practice Penis Enlargement, and may explain the healing and recovery properties of the Ballzinger.

Excessive zinc or copper in the body is toxic and harmful to health. A high concentration of zinc in the body may be balanced by a complementary intake of copper, and vice-versa. The specific use of biocompatible materials, and the high purity of the zinc/copper rods used by the Ring of Power/Ballzinger ensures that interaction and contact with living tissues does not causes toxic or injurious effects, and provides optimum benefit to the user.

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