SMILEY EDUCATION...How and when to use them...This may take a while


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Jun 3, 2003
:) When your EXTRA happy or High
:O Use him when your sad or lonley or if you reversed kegeled in your pants
;) Use this guy if something really rocks or you just scored some good weed
:cool: If something makes you dance
:mad: If you want to punch DLD
:confused: If you can't figure out what the fuck a BLASTER is
:blaster: This is reserved for when JAPP joins MOS
:wave: If you like Hamburger Helper
:bluejumpe If you have not CUM in a long time
:yellowjum If you just shot a load
:talker: This guy is reserved for �other forum� MOD forum
:lolhammer This is for the Crack Heads that frequent MOS
:shooter: I need this guy for JEN
:drooler: This is for when JAZ drops the good girl pics
:shootcomp For when you try to LOAD an MOS Video
:spam: This is one JUST FOR ME
:blah: Me when MOS hits 8000 Members
:shakinass Use this one to get a good boner to JELQ
:driving: I have no fucking CLUE
:censored: Is'nt this my USER Status at Other Boards?
:aloha: When the Race Issue is brought up
:protest: This does not work to well
:countdown Hey JAPP
:workaholi This is an actual picture of me
:eyepoppin SexyJens New Video
:redarguem DLD and JAZ on the RACE ISSUE
:bouncings The MOD forum the day DLD Left
:bj: Hey it's a picture off JEN and ME!
:band: This was JAZ's Band when he did BonJovi Covers in the 80's
:( When the VIAGRA aint workin'
:bluegrab: Now grip it at the EXTREME Base
:p He's just cute
:clapper: After the 3 Hander Video and SWM Cock Watch Shot
Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
:driving: I have no fucking CLUE

When youve been hanging while driving and, loveing every minute of it?
:yoyo: = ME

LMAO = Too much spirits

:burning: = Sore arse

:telephone = DLD on phone

:protest: = No �other forum� LOL

:biggrin2: = SCORED with Some HOT babes

:Secret: = DLD and JAZZ

:allpraise = DLD and the MODS


Thats all I can think off.
DLD cool ones ya got their. SWM liked the car one

I've been waiting for the opportunity to whip this one out...
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