1. S

    bathmate xtreme hand ball pump

    anybody having issues with the hand ball pump without the hose, in the lock postion,when pumping with the hand ball pump, air is bubbling in and you can see a loss of water, anybody expriencing that? is there a loss of pressure?
  2. G

    Torn/ Injury of Urethra using Hydromax Xtreme from Bathmate

    Hello I used bathamte for a while few months in the past and I had no injury with it. I bought recently Hydromax Xtreme and used 2 times and was fine. Recently I used Hydromax and I have noticed that my urethra opening was injured, it was getting bigger. I mention that my penis didn 't...
  3. J

    Bathmate Xtreme Spare Parts

    Hi everyone I've had the Bathmate Xtreme X40 for little over a year now and have had great results with it. But now when I pump with the hand pump I can't build up pressure and it sounds like there's an air leak. From what I can see there is a crack in the little plastic bit that connects the...
  4. D

    Is this a good routine for fast girth gains?

    As of right now, I am using the hydromax xtreme for three 5 min sets, then a cock ring for 30 min after the session, and then 3 sets clamped for about 5-7 min each. Sometimes after all of that, I'll use an ADS depending on the day.
  5. jpgm1

    Bathmate Xx40 black Friday sale

    Hey guys! Does anyone know if there will be black Friday discounts for bathmate products, more specifically the x40 xtreme? Has bathmate given discounts on these dates before? (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) Thanks guys!
  6. H

    Even girth?

    Is there a way to even the girth out? I'm 5.5" meg but from my point of view i look tiny, the reason being is all my girth is like a north to south thing if that makes sense. Im not really a newbie but I hardly ever post. I currently dry pump and have the bsfhmste, also hang with a vac...
  7. S

    My unit wont stop turtling and its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!

    Its like all my junk wants to do is to turtle. No matter what i do , all it wants to do is to turtle. It was like this even before PE. Its beginning to Piss me off cause my flacid size is tiny because of this issue. Its like whenever i start moving or walking , it begins to turtle. After a good...
  8. J

    Bathmate Injury Question

    Hi guys I have a question regarding a problem I've ran into using my Bathmate. Have been using it for over a year now without any problems, first the X40 for about 6 months then I switched to the X40 Xtreme also been using it for 6 months now. I only use the Bathmate I don't do any other PE...
  9. K

    Vacu Vin Mod vs. Xtreme Hand Pump

    Hey guys, I'm reading a lot about the Vacu Vin mod for the Hydromax, but I'm wondering if this yields the same effect as the Hand Pump that comes with the Xtreme models. Any experience with these? Thanks in advance!
  10. A

    Seeking direction.

    In the past few weeks, I've been investing in gear for a total P.E. gym so that I can set upon an advanced daily regimen. I am hoping I can garner some quality input on structuring a routine with what gear I currently have but also am very interested in being introduced to others so that I can...
  11. megamike

    Pumping for length

    is there a specific recommended technique to pump for length rather than girth? or is it a smarter idea to stick with length exercises instead?
  12. BeefyBee

    How much curve is too much curve? (Pic)

    Hey brothers. So, I have always had a curve, I like it, my girl loves it. But as I progress with my PE, I think it may be increasing the curve. Maybe it's in my head, maybe not. But take a look and let me know if you think this is too much curve.
  13. F

    Selling Bathmate X40 Xtreme

    Im selling my extra Bathmate X40 Xtreme in perfect and unused condition. I am moving soon and want it gone asap so please feel fee to call/text me at 951-445-3069 for questions. $70 free shipping anywhere in U.S.
  14. B

    Bathmate Hydromax modification

    Hi everyone, new to the site. I made a modification to the Bathmate Hydromax that works well, I thought I'd share it. I have the Hydromax X30 and the X40. I was at the girth limit on the X30 when I got it, but decided to keep it anyway. I thought about getting the Xtreme, but in my opinion...
  15. bandit2010

    holly hell bathmate with winevac mod.

    guys I am already maxing out on the base of my dick, I can feel gator bite at the base, and I just started using the winevac monday, I checked my girth tonight post pump and I was at 5 1/2
  16. bandit2010

    bathmate vacuvin mod..

    Guys if you have not done the vacuvin mod on the bathmate, I suggest you do it. All I can say is holly hell the expantion I got of just 2x5, I know someone that is going either be in trouble when she gets it, or she is going to love it.
  17. S

    Trust the process

    I've just gotten back into PE after some mild exercise interspersed with several hiatuses. I've had one period of time where I grew from 5 months of consistent, but not intense, work, and one time with 2 months of consistent and intense work. I've finally realized that I'm holding myself back by...
  18. bandit2010

    my current routine, is there anything else I can do.

    currently doing 5x3 routine with the bathmate, basic warm up stretches and some basic stretches periodically though the day, is there anything else that I can add to help, I dont have much money, if any to put on devices at the moment, I have ordered the vacuvine for the bathmate.
  19. F

    Pain at base while air pumping

    Everything I have tried so far is not working. Tried different silicon cushions - too tight at base or still get biting pain in base. Also tried different sleeves and still too much biting pain at base. Tried 1.75 tube and it was more comfortable at base but it was too small. Using...
  20. S

    Help! desperated and frustrated :c

    Hello, I'm here for advice or guidance, please, I've had a bad experience with penis enlargement, I'm going to read again some of the posts that I had encountered in this place but I wanted to write this too. Look, I really want to have something like a 20 cm/ 8 inches of dick (I have around...
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