Jun 3, 2003
July 27, 2003 -- A deranged father furious over seeing his estranged common-law wife with another man hanged their 22-month-old son to death at a Queens motel yesterday, police said.
Little Omar Arias was found dangling from a shower curtain rod in the Crown Motor Inn about a half hour after his father, Juan Batista, checked into the $100-a-night Elmhurst Motel at 74-01 Queens Blvd. at 1 a.m. yesterday, cops said.

"After about a half an hour, [Batista] came down and said, 'I killed somebody; call the police,' " said motel co-owner Harshad Patel.

Patel said on-duty night desk clerk Hiren Patel immediately phone cops, who stormed into Room 303 on the third floor and found the boy had been hanged with an electrical cord.

The tot was pronounced dead at Elmhurst Hospital.

Batista remained in the motel lobby and surrendered to police. He was taken to Elmhurst Hospital and placed under psychiatric observation.

He is charged with second-degree murder.


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The problem is Do you "set him a fire and let his skin melt off" Or Put him feet First in a wood chipper" "put a bullet in his head by his own actions like with a sensor on the trigger" OR Put him in jail and let the masses have their way with him.
Rapists and child killers are the most hated types in prison environments..they're seen as cowards who take advantage of the weak. I say put him in max security facility ...mixed in with the worst of the worst. He might last a month there.
Since I have my own woodworking shop I own some rather appropriate tools for some nice prolonged torture. I'd take this motherfucker, tie him down in a wooden chair and start with my air nailers and staplers. Starting with each toe I'd staple them one by one to the floor following with some 2'' ers through the feet. Moving up to the knees I may as well shoot one under each knee cap into the joint. After this I would do the same with his hands and arms. Now that he is immobilized and about as helpless as his innocent child was,it's time to go to work. Stretch his penis out and staple it to the chair below the head then using a nice sharp utility knife give him a slice down the length of the shaft and pour some salt into the wound. After that it would be fitting to get some red fire ants, cover his dick with honey and let the little insects go to work. After the ants have devoured his penis there are various other things I could do involving drills, various clamping tools, belt sanders, air compressor and spray equipment(will that be gloss or semi gloss finish?). The possibilities are endless.

After thinking about what I said I've come to the conclusion that I have been watching too many mobster movies. Don't take me seriously, but most of us have had these kinds of thoughts when it comes to these sick bastards.
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