Short Term Goals v. Long Term Goals


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Dec 10, 2003
I"m wondering if it is more important to set short term goals, and work towards those instead of remaining so focused on the I want such and such, I think this attitude may lead to much negativity and depression. It would seem to have a negative effect if you look at what you want and your perception of how far it is could cause you to say screw it, and cement the failure in your mind, and create a victim/loser mentality. Does anyone think that a transition in view points is a good idea, or is this a diluted vision of what goals should be attainable?

I want to know if short term or long term goals are your driving force. I've made the switch to a more day to day view, so things don't get so chaotic, and things seem to maintain a better balance, but I want some other view points, cause for some guys this is a major issue. Goal setting and having priorities is a problem for 70% of the world. So let me hear what you think.
Sep 28, 2003
personally i dont think of goals too often. I mean i have goals, but thats not my main inspiration. I try to just Penis Enlargement the best i can, keep up my mental gain (i.e. doing mantras and believing i can get to my goal) and then if i do make gains, feel good/surprised about my hard work and keep goin. The main thing is to not expect gains, but to Penis Enlargement your butt off, if you do that then you will see the gains roll in. :)


Good way of thinking, just Penis Enlargement and you'll get what you get.