RoP tubing mayday

Alright, now i'm desperate. I need to replace the rubber/latex(?) tubing that forms half my RoP.

I am in the UK, and have tried B+Q the first logical choice for pretty much anything it seems. No joy. Lots of cable, chain, rope etc etc but nothing like what i need.

Checked the web, no joy. Tried looking at tubing for bizarre things like fishponds but cant tell what i need.


What the hell is it i need exactly?
Where the hell can i get it in the UK?

I am *this* close to paying Supra to send me a shitload, I DONT LIKE having my RoP out of commission so much due to it popping off so easy at the moment. I'm also not happy with how much of the rods are being covered up by the (loosening) tubing to keep them on :(
5234K44 comes in amber or black
Wow that site is shocking for tubing! Just placed an order to the UK no probs, thanks BigD you're on my christmas card list now for this :)

Hmm, just realised they didnt even give me any shipping price, my confirmation email just states "shipping will be added", strange way to do business! Still, not too worried, I think my tubing is about £2 in total :)
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Here's a thought: use something other than tubing.
I use rubber bands, and they work great! The RoP hardly ever comes off, and it adjusts perfectly to the fluctuations in my size. Also, the bands don't cover up much of the rods , which was mentioned earlier in this thread. Only the ends are covered. You also get closer skin contact than if you'd use the tubing.

You can see my RoP in action in the 'Picture Proof' forum, in a thread entitled: ''Shafty's pics- length , girth and flaccid with home-made RoP''.

I've also experimented with shoelaces, which were all good too, but the rubber bands rule supreme! ;)


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Can anybody find the proper copper tubing from that website? All I find are rolls of copper tubing that are $25!
Gardenier90 said:
Can anybody find the proper copper tubing from that website? All I find are rolls of copper tubing that are $25!
i stole this from another site so cant vouch for it but; or Home Depot

I got the Zinc solid rod (6") from McMaster part# 3606K1 for $6.54 each
and you can get copper solid rod (12") there too part#8965K141 for $7.72 each.
Material Alloy 101 Oxygen-Free Copper Diameter 3/8"

Or there is always 3/8" O.D. refrigerator (food) grade copper tubing from Home Depot, they only charged me $.99 cents for 12"

1/4" I.D. latex hose from Lowe's (Home Depot doesn't have it anymore) - $1.40 / foot.


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Thanks Levista!


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Levista did you get your tubing yet?
OUCH ! I sure did!

It came this morning, $3 for 5 feet of black tubing and $23 for shipping ! (I am in the UK remember) I feel slightly scammed - it weighs sweet fuck all, that site seems a bit dodgy to me, it couldnt be legal to take credit card details, not give shipping estimates and then whack it on and ship without running it by you!

Anyways, the tubing looks the business, its an evil black colour and does indeed fit just perfectly :)
Just refitted my beloved RoP. The black tubing fits perfectly and gives my RoP an EVIL look that I love. I may have to begin referring to it as "my evil RoP".

I extended the size of the rubber sides slightly, hoping to avoid the 6am pain in groin that happens fairly often.

Interestingly, the previous rubber where it was on the copper, once removed showed a lot of discoloration underneath and what looked like small bits of rubber that had been vaporised! Geez, I knew the RoP gave off current but it was still impressive :)

All in all, good fun rebuilding her. It was like tending to an old friend :)
I have an evil ROP too. hehehe
To anyone out there who hasn't fitted their RoP themselves, I would highly recommend doing so. I just had my RoP on all night for the first time possibly ever. A slightly looser fit has paid huge dividends for me :)