Feb 16, 2011
Hey everyone. So i saw a post somewhere about a modification for the phallosen mixed with the size genetics??? someone please show me!! I cant find the modification post!

I've had the size genetics for years. I hated it because it hurt, and my penis head would be ice cold and blue within 20 minutes lol. So it's been sitting in my closet for a few years. HOWEVER, those 20 minutes gave me such great traction.

now, I have the phallosan..... the comfort level is clearly much better, but I don't feel it really gives enough tension to cause growth (could just be me) but I wore it for a few hours two days in a row now and it just didn't feel like i had any real tug on it that would cause growth.

So, if there's a way to get the pull of the SG with the comfort of the PF then i'm all for it!!!

I'm also going to try hanging with the Phallosen as well.

year and years of PE off and on and I've never gained so much as a quarter inch besides with the Bathmate, which to me is a literal miracle. Everytime i'm having a woman come over I pump right up to the point she says "hey I'm here where should I park" and i get dressed quick and get right down to business .... the women are ALWAYS pleasantly surprised lol

Thankfully, i appear rather large, I guess because of my body type. I'm slim and muscular, I keep my pubes shaved and for some reason women swear i'm hung like a mule, but a secret it i'm really just above 6 inches lol. I don't know why but for someone reason It just looks so much bigger on my body type. especially after a good bathmate pump!!!

ALL I WANT.... literally all i want in this world is 8 inches lol. I'd even be happy with 7. I cant imagine how much bigger it will look with another inch or two because it looks really freaking big already. I think i'm 7 inches bone pressed, but i always like to measure what i call "usable dick" lol

I don't care whats behind the skin or at the base, i want to know how much cock i can shove in a woman. so "usable dick" is what i measure.

anyway, can you guys point me to the modification threat!!!! thank yoU!
I seen it posted here and did it myself. It is in my thread My journey to 7+. I would post the link to it but I am not sure how to do it
Lookn4girth;754648 said:
Thanks D, that is the one I used to mod mine

It is a brilliant set up! Hopefully others will give it a try.
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