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    some questions about Phallosan

    Hey guys. So i bought the phallosan about two weeks ago. I've been wearing it every day and ill be honest..... IT WORKS. my penis is fuller and definitely hangs more. I definitely can wear it for a few hours at a time with no problems. I get a little scared after a few hours though and I always...
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    Phallosen and sizegenetics?

    Hey everyone. So i saw a post somewhere about a modification for the phallosen mixed with the size genetics??? someone please show me!! I cant find the modification post! I've had the size genetics for years. I hated it because it hurt, and my penis head would be ice cold and blue within 20...
  3. D

    Spring Tension

    Hey Brothers, I'm currently very happy with my Phallosan. I was planning on using it with progressive force, such as: - < 250 hours, in the green zone during the day and at night - 250 - 750 hours, yellow zone in the day, green at night - 750 - 1000 hours, red zone in the day, yellow zone...
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    Where to start

    Hey guys, I'm pretty much coming to the brotherhood for help on this one. Would be awesome if all those who have gained 2 inches or more helped out. So there is (to my knowledge) a lot of ways to go about penis enlargement. Stretching with your hands Bathmate (all pumps) length master...
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    My easy to follow yet powerful routine

    Hi, This is a very simple yet effective routine that I made that is actually fun and easy to stick to which is the most important thing. It took me years to figure out and this is basically the finished product of constant tweaking. I found this routine really flows and is very simple and to the...
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