Jun 4, 2003
Hey guys, I photoshopped this tattoo on my stomach, tell me what you think.. I am probably gonna get one like this. Give the ladies something to look at. :D



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That's a pretty sweet design bro.

Probably wouldn't cost much either being that it is all black ink and not like a full chest or full back tattoo or anything.
The design is nice but for me it's quite small (i really prefer bigger ones). I have already a lot of tatoo and the only one i regret is the first one i have made because he is really too small. It's a tribal that i have around my upper arm (approximatively 2 inch width). Most people only made one but if you love the feeling you will made another one (can sounds masochist ) probably bigger and then you will regret this 'small' one. That's just my 2 cents about tatoo (and a really personnal opinion).

Yeah I understand, I have a few friends like that. I really really like the design and stuff though, if it were any bigger.. Ahh, I dunno.

My own experience is that you should start small. You can always add, but its damned hard to erase.

It's kinda fun if you put a detailed tattoo in a somewhat "private" spot. Gives you a legit excuse to show it off, and that can be fun. With fine details, most will have to look closely, and take their time at it. Years ago, I had the head of my penis tattooed. Been lots of fun at parties!

You can have a tat removed with a laser, but its expensive.

The pain factor can be addictive. One of my best friends owns a tattoo studio, and he explains that the experience triggers an endorphin rush. That in itself can be habit-forming. Lots of people go on to "play piercing" to get the same rush. No problem so long as you keep everything clean and sterile.
The only real small tatoo that i have is a chinese ideograms that i have under the belt, it's a really personnal one that nobody can see except my girlfriend. That's my part of mystery ;). The things that i don't like with small one is that they always look like a holiday's tatoo, like girls with a dolphin on their shoulders....I have always a big smile on my face when someone told me that he (she) have a tatoo and show me something that have the size of a coin :D Then you just want to show her what is really a tatoo :). That's the same for the piercing, i have only 3 piercing, but it is real piercing not the kind of toys that you have when you first get pierced. Maybe i'm too extreme with this but i really assume what i have made. Try with photoshop to make it 25% bigger, then you will have something that is visible a few feet away and that is really a tatoo.
I really don't like to give my opinion about this because i don't want people to think i'm an extremist, i'm just sharing my knowledge about this kind of thing. If you make it small you will regret it one day.

Yea that's a cool tattoo. Only thing is...if ya get pregnant, it will stretch all over the place. LOL.
Originally posted by stillwantmore
Yea that's a cool tattoo. Only thing is...if ya get pregnant, it will stretch all over the place. LOL.

Well, even if that should happen, I think the tattoo stretching would be the least of his problems. :p
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