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  1. Egghead1

    After 2 years of dating I told my girlfriend about penis enlargement

    Hey guys!! I’ve been so busy with PE, work and life that I barely have time to post anymore so to make up for the last couple of months this is gonna be another long post! So I've been with my woman now for just over 2 years and we finally decided to move in together. When i first met her i had...
  2. T

    Some days my erect length is longer than others. Why?

    So, back when i was doing intense length work every day i grew from 5.9 nbp to 6.4 nbp. I was 6.4 every time i was hard. However since i stopped doing length work i mostly just get 6.25 or sometimes 6.3. But if i have a good pump and good eq and after maybe 2 days of doing length work again i...
  3. A

    Smoking EQ and PE

    Hi all. Ive been a fairly heavy smoker since teenage( pack a day sometimz more) for the last 18 years or so ( been smoking since i was 17), i had been feeling erection issues for the last 5 years or so. I want to kick this habit so my erection quality cud improve alongwith arousal so i can reap...
  4. P

    why not do double girth work

    so as i read penis should be treated like a balloon and not a rop then why are we doing length and girth separate ? why cant we incorporate both of them at the same time ? like 30 mins in morning and evening manual ? anyway the length work is on throughout the day in ace wrap or devices like...
  5. F

    EQ Damaged from PE?

    I've been doing PE pretty strenuously for a little over a month, but my Erection Quality (EQ) is seriously degraded. Getting an erection is increasingly difficult, and this morning, I couldn't get it up past a semi. ����, visualization etc were ineffective. Haven't tried Viagra, although I...
  6. B

    Kegel routines pelvic floor exercises last longer harder erections combat premature ejaculation

    Recently I started kegeling again doing 100 kegels every morning before getting out of bed. The goal is stronger, harder erections as I get to 100% erections when I am extremely turned on with a chick otherwise even watching ���� I am only at 85-90%. Which kegel routine have you gotten the...
  7. B

    Is a cock ring able to keep you at 95-100% erection for intercourse?

    Is a cock ring able to keep you at 95-100% erection for intercourse? If so whats the best one? My ex and I didnt use condoms for years but we have broken up and unfortunately for me condoms cause me to go limp once inside the vagina.
  8. B

    Gains Without Kegels

    Have any of you ever achieved gains without doing kegels? Im talking about regular kegels and not reverse kegels?
  9. G

    Had anyone gained 3 inches in girth?

    I was wondering if anyone has gained 3 inches in girth and how
  10. N

    Has pumping made your erections "harder" as it were?

    The female I semi routinely share a bed with has been commenting lately that I "feel" super hard to her the last couple months. Interestingly during pumping sessions my impression was also that out side of a total flaccid state there seems to be more rigidity to my penis. Is this what most...
  11. B

    Thoughts on All Day Cock Ring?

    Hi all, I have used an ADS in the form of Size Genetics and Uncle Jim's Wrap in the past, but it really hurts my erection quality when I do passive length work a lot. I did think, on the other hand, that I very well could try an all day cock ring like I had read about here in the past...
  12. B

    Your Best Tips for Increasing Erection Quality

    Hello all, So I have been in the PE game on and off for a little while now and one thing I have treated as an afterthought is erection quality. The sad thing is that for much of the past few years my erection quality has been so poor that I haven't been able to sleep with several women that...
  13. T

    Thoughts on Cycling and Penis Health

    I've read numerous times that cycling causes problems with erection quality. One of my buddies raced semi pro for 20 years. He's 44 now and is experiencing issues with ED. As someone who likes cycling this is a bit concerning. It's so much fun but there's an obvious risk factor connected to the...
  14. J

    How do some guys kegel so hard?

    Hey guys question I've had for a while, I've seen quite a few videos where guys can move their dick quite a bit. Almost through 180 degrees range of motion while erect, (all the way up and down) I assume this is by kegeling, but I've never managed to get mine to move as much (prolly 15 -30...
  15. W

    Brought myself up from under 6in to just over 7.5in for length.

    Got into this improvement stuff at first not for size but for fixing a slight curve and staying harder a few years back. I thought any size gained would be unnoticeable and any thing more than half an inch gained was bull, mostly due to any research i did lead to most saying it was dangerous. To...
  16. A

    Puffy vs Hard Veins

    Hi, I've been pumping on/off for a few years. In the past, I would get thick/puffy and really liked it. Now, I get hard and do not get puffy/thicker. The veins start feeling hard so I quit. What's up with that and how do i get back to puffy? That's where I saw gains.
  17. orgasmic19

    Better erections and gaining

    Should I be worried about better erections if I truly want to gain?
  18. F

    Looking for advice from Pros

    I've been pretty consistent for a month or so, I'm following DLD's first routine and I have already seen minmal but noticeable gains in both length and girth. I'm in good shape and workout most of the days, lifting,doing cardio and diet is as clean as possible, however I need to have some things...
  19. C

    My preferred LengthMaster routine

    When I'm "in a hurry" (woke up late, had a lot of errands to do before work, life happens etc) I'll do a quick 5 minute heat warmup and do 2 rounds of Newbie Routine stretches for 45 seconds each or 3 rounds at 30 seconds each. When I have time though I've developed what I think is a pretty...
  20. A

    Starting PE exercises

    Hello, I am starting PE exercises. So far I have been doing 100 Jelqs a day with a stretching session shortly after. Doing 100 V- Stretches (flaccid penis of course) I have noticed flacid penis gains, and a little bit of thickness gains. I have been doing it for a month. My problem is I...
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