Getting the perfect grip.

I'm just curious as to how many of you use golf gloves, batting gloves, or anything along those lines when doing your stretches . I personally use golf gloves, and the difference between the amount of pressure I could apply with just my bare hands and useage of the gloves is incredible.

I highly recommend that all of you give a shot at least once...I would wager to say that once you try it you'll never go back to using your bare hands again.


Since the invention of baby powder I am a much happier man! :)



I tried a leather batting glove but actually prefer bareback/barehand.

Its interesting how many guys like baby powder, but what about wet jelqs? What's in use out there?

Once or twice a week I work with this wicked stuff from Germany: Weleda Skin Food. Totally nutrient and emollient rich and makes for a great semi-wet angle-jelq, especially at 80 percent erection levels. I use more of a c-grip than the ok for these, and at a much slower rate than my usual 2-second dry jelq.
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I am still using my bare hands, although admit that they just don't seem to be cutting it as of late. And to remedy the situation, I decided I should get someone of the female gender to do all the pulling for me. I mean, why should I get my hands all tired when she can do all of the work?

In all seriousness though...

I'm going to try the golf glove suggestion out and see how that goes. I think my grip with my hands is "okay," but I am certainly open to trying something which is better.

- d_s
I've tried baby powder, and I find it to be nothing in comparison to the grip that golf gloves provide. It's definately the best solution I've found so far.


golf glove works great for me

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