Jul 9, 2003
I ordered my bib starter a couple of weeks ago. Just recently had the oppurtunity to hang.

I spent first hour trying to get the adjustments correct, then half hour on the wrap.

And then voila I was hangin' in there! :D

I started with 7.6 lbs. But something felt wrong I readjusted the bib hanger and stayed at 4.4lbs the rest of the sets. I was hangin BTC. Three 20 minute sets. These really stretched my ligs. I have been doing DLD Blasters using the "A"-stretch for a while, but the BTC weight pulled ligs that that stretch never touched before. It was quite exhilerating.

I can tell you that my head was swollen and started to get cold at the end of a session. I know, this is bad!

After reading SWM posts and pics on how he puts on his hanger I am sure that my problem was that it was not tight enough. Looks like I need to loosen the bottom bolts so my penis will go further down into the hanger, then tighten the top more. I was afraid of the top bolt pinching me before.

Hey SWM maybe you should start a newbie routine sticky here? Just a thought. I would hate for people to come here and think they can instantly hang 15lbs to their member for hours.


Check out the Hanging 101 thread if you have not already done so.
Questor, I wish I could get up the confidence to try to hang. I am just too scared. I have had a Bib hanger for about a year staring at me from atop my refrigerator, taunting me. But I have not been able to strap it on yet.

Good Luck.
Ah comon DLD man. Quit being such a puss and strap that bitch on! LOL, just kidding you know I still got "mad love" for ya.
I had to take a peak at my measurements. I wasn't going to until the 28th but O'well.

I measured length first... From 6 1/4, to 6 1/2 (little more).
Then measured girth ... From ~4.25, to 4.625 midshaft.

Today is the 16th so I can't wait until the 28th! :)

I attribute this to 2 things "A"-stretch and DLD blasters. And hanging and blasting BTC.

My lot was 8:00 when I started but I feel great "fatigue" when in BTC, so I am going to hang there until the fatigue subsides.
I hang exclusively BTC. I always get fatigue in the shaft AND the ligs. When I stretch downward with my hands first thing the next morning I can really feel it! Far as I'm concerned BTC and downward angles are the best.
Good job the best advice I can possibly give is to STOP for any cold or numbness. Wait 10 min or so and go back if you want. You'll be up to big weights sooner than you think. If I remember correctly when you stand and hang straight down you tend to get more skin stretch, when you sit and hang you get more lig stretch. Same when you sit and hang over an arm on the chair. But you might have to add more weight when you do that due to the friction of the arm and the rope attaching the weight to the hanger's s hook.
I have a hard time doing BTC. I have to sit on the couch and vegetate in front of the television in order to put my feet up on another object. I would rather be at the computer desk and be able to do it there. I am still trying to figure out a way I can. I will get it sometime.

Thanks for the suggestions SWM, CTMWM.

And DLD, don't just sit there do something, (like hang). :)

Put my feet up while sitting? Hmmmmm I assume BTC means between the cheeks right?
Yep CT ya have it right. I sit on a bar stool with a back on it. The chair I put my feet up on is about 1 foot or so lower than the bar stool. After I have my hanger on, I'm seated, have my feet up, I then scoot back a little bit and "voila!" BTC!
My feet go up on the coffee table which is really the same height as my couch.

CT if you haven't tried it yet, it really hits the ligs like never before. I do DLD blasters and thought that that really hit my ligs, well with BTC hanging I felt ligs that I never have before. The burn, or "fatigue" if you will, really sets in.

With an equal height object that your feet rest on if you pull your knees together you can feel the stretch even more. I am not sure if that works with an object that is lower than your butt.

I just have to modify my desk area to accommodate my BTC hanging. And I should be all set.

A stool is a good idea. I have a work room in the basement I have been meaning to fix up. I want to get my computer down there so I can work on it while my wife is working on hers. I would definitely need a stool for it. <ponders>

My 'barstool' has a back on it by the way. Not sure if I mentioned that previously.
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