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Jun 3, 2003
The 3 first members
to hit 1000 posts
will receive their choice of
2 fabulous prizes.

The first 2 MODS who hit 2000 posts get the same.

Prize Choice One:
A Free Membership to Matters of Size Website Here you will find 100's of new exercises never seen before. 100's of awesome , exciting videos and sound bites. Sexy pictures and videos of our resident hottie. This is a LIFETIME membership and you will be able to receive all of the updates in the future.

Prize Choice Two:
The Matters Of Size video library on VHS or DVD. This will include the entire web site plus some bonus footage. A great addition to the already great website.

Contest Rules:
This contest is only for the regular membership base. Admins can not take part. The posts can not be of the spamming nature. If it is deemed that you are spamming you will be disqualified.

Those who already have a membership to the MOS site that win will be able to select a different prize not yet announced. The idea is to get you non-posters off your ass and start posting.

:dj: Lets get the PARTY started right!
Well DLD, looks Like you Already Won the Contest.
...and Jaz is due about 64 times over. Jeez! Cool idea!
This contest is only for the members...NO ADMINS:)
Originally posted by stillwantmore
No mods??? AWW DAMNIT!

DLD :blaster:

Now that would not be fair to the contest participants:D Most of my MODs already have a ton of posts. But to be fair in this whole deal...The first 2 MODS who hit 2000 posts get the same.
Originally posted by Godsize
Is this a scheme to get mad hits on your site? :)

We already get over 100,000 hits daily. I just want people on the FREE forum to get more involved.
Who is in the lead?
TOP POSTERS SO FAR Get posting guys!!!

Members 1000 Wins
ItsElectric 277
Popp 118
dewey 116

MDC 114
Questor 109
C-Guy 102
samzman 95
pyro 87
German Stallion 60
channel7 85
ctmwm 78
dyslexic_smile 77
rain 72
teoman 65
oopapercutoo 63
brennaja 63
Godsize 60
Long Worm 58
ebon00 58
Gardenier90 55
SS4Jelq 54
sufring 50

MODS 2000 Wins
stillwantmore 621
REDZULU2003 427
AfterTheShock 166
WaxN 158
pole 127
playa7 117
b1nzen48 93
RB2 90
Gandolf 85
Frenchy 80
What? I've only made 72 posts? Well, make that 73 now...:cool: :cool:
Originally posted by rain
What? I've only made 72 posts? Well, make that 73 now...:cool: :cool:

Thats the spirit!:clapper:
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