DLD, how have bundled stretches effected your gains?


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Jun 3, 2003
bigtyivier said:
DLD, how have bundled stretches effected your gains?
Bundled stretches are an incredible concept if you see them from my perspective. I got the idea for bundles one morning in the bathroom. I had a towel that was soaked with water and I went to wring it out. I twisted it then stretched it over and over until it was fairly dry. The towel seemed so much longer after I did this so I compared it to an identical towel that did not go through the same process and low and behold my bundled , stretched towel was longer. Being the psycho I am the first thing I thought about was my penis. I spent about 30-40 minutes twisting then stretching my penis. After my first session I was longer (Temporary maybe, but I was longer)

I also started studying the screw effect and how a object that is twisted is takes less effort to apply function than its untwisted counterpart. (Imagine a screw compared to a nail) There is much more I could go into on this but I know if you dig deep enough it is here somewhere.

These became a permanent part of my routine up until maybe 7 months ago. I made very nice gains using them. The other beautiful thing about Bundles is their versatility. You can pretty much do any stretch Bundled .

bigtyivier said:
Also, hwo many times do your twist your unit?