Jun 3, 2003
ok this is another post i had put up at my other forum that i thought may be useful here also.. ....this is about anal sex with a girl who has never tried it b4 ....well let me say first off that anal is not everyones thing either you want to do it or it does not intrest you in one bit ! also most girls or women either have thought about it or have done it .i know about 30 girls that have tried it and out of the 30 only 2 didnt like it the others say that them and their boyfriends have ended up doing anal as much as reg. sex most of the time they do both whenever they do have sex............NOW lets get to the act itself if you r with a girl who has never tried anal b4 then you will have to be slow and patient with her just cant shove it in and start pounding away make it a part of a reg. routine whether its everytime you r together or just once a year you must not hurt her and scare her off from anal.... first thing you need to do is get her ready this may take as little as 2 mins. or could take several times with her b4 she is ready .....start by using a good lube... i myself say stay away from vasoline and baby oil they may feel slippery to us on our penises but when u get them near her rear at first they will be slick but then they tend to get a sticky feel to them and will cause pain for her ..even your own spit and her juices are good to start with ....once she has a good amount of lubrication going on down ther then slowly insert 1 finger into her rear watch her body it will tell you what to do ...then slowly start a short pumping action with your finger then as her rectum begins to loosen up make longer strokes...(hint)as you r doing this try to keep eating her out ...this will help keep some moisture going on once her rectum feels loose enuff to u then start taking your finger all the way out then putting it back in if she seems to like this (and trust me you will know if she does ..because by this point she will already have had one orgasm prob.)then you can try it with two fingers just keep it wet in and near her rectum this point she will def. fell the stretch so now be very gentle watch and listen to her ...dont rush...... do just as you did with one finger first short strokes then work up to full faster stroke then on to removing and re-inserting fingers she will be really worked up at this point ..... but now remember this is her call listen to her and DO NOT RUSH THIS may try to insert your penis into her rectum or you can be satisfied with the fingering and move back to her vagina and wait til next time to try and stretch her rectum some more (i recommend this ....waiting .......because the more times you stretch her the easier it will be on her and also less painful for her thus resulting in a pleasure instead of pain and her saying ....never again..)and also once you and your girl are ready for penis insertion still be careful because it will be very intense for both of you ...i dont know why but when you are doing anal to a girl her orgasm seem to be alot stronger and longer and she prob. will be very vocal when she is erupting (i say erupting cause she will erupt instead orgasm because when she does cum you better hang on cuz you are in for a ride my friends ) at this point let me state that since this is her first time being penetrated back there you may not be able to do alot of pumping ...just the insertion itself may bring her to orgasm may have to have anal 3-4 times before she is stretched enuf for you to do any pumping and then you will need to be slow and let her lead as far as how deep and how slow or fast ( i mean the fist few times you just cant shove it in and go to pounding ....cuz she will be turned off from anal and then you and her will never experience the pleasures of anal ..... now there are a few girls out there that these rules wont apply to because there pain tolerance is high and they may the first time allow or should i say be able to take a pounding and love it and come back for more .....but these are rare girls most you will need to be very slow and gentle with most girls...... i cant stress this point enuff!!)and also with most girls alot of clit stimulation is very helpful during insertion as well as during anal sex as well......if all goes well then she should be willing to let anal become a part of your sex life but i say dont over use anal as it will be just a reg. old routine and then it wont be special ....let it be a treat for her and yourself and it will make those time something that is mindblowing for the both of you ......Now the 2 girl that didnt like anal remember them out of the 30 + girls ? the reason they didnt like it was because their partners were inexperienced and they was trying to shove it in and the girls just got turned off so........ this is why i say be patient and take your time her rectum will always be there until the day she dies so dont rush it ....its not going anywhere ....anyway hope this helps some ...... if i re-read this and see i missed or skipped something i will put it up here
Are you sure its so easy to get a girl to orgasm anally? Certainly they don't all cum after a few min of anal penetration.
well.... i think it is easier to get them to orgasm during anal.....and all i have had anal with and those girls that i talk to who has anal sex ....seems to be along the same thoughts ....and that is anal is alot easier to get her to orgasm than vaginal sex ...most of the girls i have talked to say that within 5-10 mins. of anal they have had at least one i think most ...not all are more apt to orgasm within a matter of mins. ..... and then i guess there are some that may never get an orgasm from vaginal or anal ever ..... and also this post is dealing with girls who this will be their first anal they are more apt to orgasm more quickly than after they get some experience ......just as guys have to work on their control because most guys their first time is ...well very quick .......
Speaking as a man who loves to receive anal, I can say that I think you're on to something when you allude to the psychological part of coming -- no matter which orifice is being stimulated. I have come a number of times while taking the shaft. Though for men bottoming there is a physical component to getting off (a good size cock can stimulate the prostate like nothing else), there is the all important mind trip that happens during good sex as well. It's only the latter component that men share with women. It is, however, probably the most powerful part of sexual relations.
Yea, I've heard its easier for a receiving man to come from anal sex sue to the prostate but I do know that SOME girls can have anal orgasms. After reading all this, I want to try anal sex with a girl.
man gandolf need to try it is dif. than the vagina in soooooo many ways ...the whole feel of it when you are inside her is ..WOW remember to use a good lube and lots of it
Originally posted by AfterTheShock
i know about 30 girls that have tried it and out of the 30 only 2 didnt like it the others say that them and their boyfriends have ended up doing anal as much as reg. sex most of the time they do both whenever they do have sex............

Many years ago when I was out on the town I had several g/fs and the percentages were about the same (1/20) didn't like or want Anal, the rest LOVED it, and when we got together it was pretty even between Anal and Vaginal sex. Quite often they would express the desire for Anal.

Unfortunately, my current wife is not interested.
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