Am I the only one who thinks this?

Ok, I can't STAND condoms for many reasons. The main ones have to do with the perception of size. I have one of those tree trunk shafts, it's around 5.5-5.75. Anyway, whenever I put a condom on, it only rolls down a little past mid-shaft. Making it look like I've got a small dick, lol.

Another thing I dont like is the 'wrinkles' the condom gets just below the glans. My glans are much larger than the rest of my dick, so there is a wrinkly part in the condom just below them.

So basically my dick looks really funny with a condom on. Anyone else have a similar experience with these darned rubber things?


Yea similar. Even in Magnum XL's, with my base girth at 7", I always end up with a ring around the base thats anoying and is uncomfortable for a while after I've taken it off.


I'm not as big as you guys, but I'm bigger than average..I've had similar things too. After Penis Enlargementing for a while, that "wrinkles near the glans" thing is fucking annoying...I've actually had times where it ruined the sex for me because the wrinkles were like "over rubbing" against the glans causing too much sensation to where it just irritated it.


JENNY is such a sweetheart! Guys talk shit but she still bring the reason to the matter!

I guess I just hang out with so many sluts that I forget that girls are to be loved and not just fuck!


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jenny said:
LoL, they suck. That's why it's good to be in a monogomous relationship with a female on birth control, hehe.
As long as the birth control doesnt fuckup her hormones and she goes insane.


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Actually I like having the condom only go halfway down my dick it makes my dick look way too big for a condom .
bigbutnottoo said:
Actually I like having the condom only go halfway down my dick it makes my dick look way too big for a condom.
Never thought about it that way...

Heck with it, I like my extra sensitive but I'm switching over to magnums, haha.


The crazy birth control thing has actually happened to me before. The depo shot about drove me nuts!! LoL. It completely took away my sex drive and made me the ultimate bitch. That, mixed with other shit, almost ruined my relationship, too. So I'm off of it and completely restored now.


Yeah.. but bc isnt 100% effective I hear? I would still have to use condoms. I use condoms and I fucking hate them. I can hardly get regular sized condoms to roll all the way down, and sometimes I get a red ring around the base of my penis. If I have a real good boner I can barely take it off when I am done and its kinda painful. My problem is I am right in between magnums and regular sized condoms. Hopefully when I gain some more girth I will better fit into magnums.

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