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  1. Felipejfa

    No results with bathmate

    Hi guys. I’d really appreciate if u can help me I have bathmath hydoextreme 7 wide body My penis is only 14cm and thin 5 or 6cm of grith (not sure) i’ve been using the pump for almost 1 month and no results at all!!! Bathmax Website its written I can see result first weeks. I dont know if I’m...
  2. F

    Darkened Skin and swollen frenulum

    Greetings. I've been recently on a very intense PE routine. While many exercises were incorporated, it's the clamping and resultant darkened skin I want to talk about. I was hitting this routine consistently for almost 3 months. I would do 1 or 2 clamping sessions in my girth routine, each...
  3. F

    Pain at base while air pumping

    Everything I have tried so far is not working. Tried different silicon cushions - too tight at base or still get biting pain in base. Also tried different sleeves and still too much biting pain at base. Tried 1.75 tube and it was more comfortable at base but it was too small. Using...
  4. DLD

    How to STOP the porn? What can be done to eliminate this from my life?

    I am getting frustrated with myself and my attempt at keeping my eyes from porn. I have done everything possible to make sure this does not show up on my phone or computer but every filter I have used I can get around! It is so frustrating because I want to stop looking at this filth but there...
  5. M

    how to get rid of a fat pad

    I'm not even.over weight im.only.6ft and.weigh 170
  6. T

    Erect stretching workout+ new findings

    Hello all its been awhile since I've posted. You may know me as theman6 the guy who can't gain no matter what. Well good news I think I found what can make me grow. For 9 months I've been stretching flacidly with no results at all. However last week I tried erect stretching. I gained .1 of...
  7. W

    I need help with gain and the BathMate

    I have the hydromax x30. I've had it for around 4 months. I haven't noticed any real gains. I think the bathmate is a scam. It makes my cock real fat after I use it. Then within a few minutes my cock will go back down to it's normal size. I also haven't achieved any length from it. I do the...
  8. ChilDsh

    10 reasons why you are not gaining feat. ChilDsh

    Hey guys,i've seen a lot of guys are having trouble gainig lately,and i must say i'm kinda sad for them,i mean,just imagine,doing PE for years with no sucks.So i decided to do a little post about what stops guys from gaining ( from personal experience,other's guys experience etc )...
  9. G

    need advice guys

    Hey brothers. I'm making this thread about my progress and insecurities about me growing and my size. Every once in awhile I get down and insecure about my penis and growth. Like I feel like sometimes PE isn't working for me. But I have made gains. I just feel like I'm going through a Plateau...
  10. A

    aimingforthetop is here with some advise for the new PE'ers who wanna start PE

    a guy asked me in my thread (check signature) on how i had grown. i made a long post and when i posted it i realized that his question is something that most newbies could use as valueable information. so this is a copy paste of what i wrote. and i believe that there is some serious gold for...
  11. R


    Hey guys I did some research and saw that research was done on pumping but the thing is that it was air pumping and they had no results after 6 months so since there are guys getting gains off of the pumps like bathmate does that mean that the water somehow helps to get the gains cuz all other...
  12. ayS

    Sizegentics question

    Hi All, New to the forums and stretching in general here, I got a sizegenetics and am a few days in but I am wondering how do I know I am giving a good effective "stretch" using the sizegenetics? should be feeling some what uncomfortable to get a good effective stretch? I just don't want to...
  13. B

    Thoughts on my routine?

    I'm just looking for some thoughts or insight on my routine. If I should continue with it, or move on to something else. When I began I had stumbled across a thread on another forum where this guy had the theory that "less meant more". Stating that he had gained near a full inch within a...
  14. G

    back to hanging

    I hung with no results a year ago then took a break until a month ago. I have been swinging and hanging 28lbs for only 10min a day. No results yet but my unit is sore all day. Any hangers out there continue to hng at high weights under soreness fatigue? I hope to post good results soon.
  15. N

    help please, i have a few questions...

    hello. i have been doing pe for years with no results for some reason and i'd love your assistance. my current routine is: take 6 capsules of penatropin each morning, clamp for 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes at night, pump for 10 minutes and jelq for 5 (repeat three times) i have been...
  16. O

    New to forum, hoping for some feedback.

    Hello everyone, commented on the Introduce yourself thread but I have a lot of question and wanted to introduce myself more. I'm 18, tried a few different things but never stayed to consistent due to pushing myself to fast and not conditioning myself first. I need a cloth tape measure to figure...
  17. L

    6 weeks of manual stretching and BM and no results

    is this normal? how long should it take to see length gains?
  18. F

    Theory about focusing exercises on tunica or tissue,has any one got better results?

    Guys,i saw this theory,one quite famous actually,about focusing exercises on your tunica or the surrounding tissue(length focused/girth focused),it states that by doing it you actually improve in a much better way you gains. So since its quite famous,and i could not find any threads regarding...
  19. F

    Crazy statistic,60% no results

    i was seeing some statistics,and even though some say it would take about 3 years for you to get 1.5 inches in length(bummer),one interesting fact i saw was that more that 60% of guys get no results at all!!,and about 1% actually lose size!,im not here to discourage no one,since im a beginner...
  20. J

    intense girth and (especially) length routine with not alot of time to spare daily?

    okay so im still living at home (hopefully moving out later this year) but im finding it very difficult to keep up with my workouts due to a severe lack of privacy (someone is ALWAYS in) and alot of family stress. i also havent found exercises i really like so keep changing up my routine. im...
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