Woman pumpers or those who like in Mass//.


Jul 18, 2003
Would like to get in touch with any women pumpers for chat to find out what they see and like etc.
I am going to let it stay in the penis enlargement forum until someone explains what it is. Is this a Penis Enlargement technique I don't know about?
DLD and It's Electric, go to WWW.Newart.com and go into the pumpers forum. They have a specific forum for female pumpers to post pics of themselves after they have pumped up. They pump their nipples, breasts, vaginas, and clitoris. Take a look, then you'll know what it's all about. Twiddle, you should take a look there too, you'd probably have better luck finding a woman to pump with.
That was the Slowest loading Forum I ever Been on. I felt like I was on 56k again goin there.
Originally posted by SnakePlissken
I committed suicide three times while waiting for that page to load.

Lol! Now that is good. :D

Are you a cat? ;)

Sorry guys, I can't help the speed of that forum, but if you like I can suggest several ways for a high speed suicide! Guaranteed to work the first time!, but I guess sometimes the third time is the charm, eh Snake?
I have a pretty quick connection and let me tell you I REALLY have to want to check it out!!

I have a real Heavy Duty pump. DLD you would stuff it full in a single pump stroke!! I'm sure they make longer cylinders. But Let me tell you it really is different! It expands your unit fully with in 10 min or so WHOA!! nice! But I did it regularly and I never say any slight perm increase in size. But let me tell you if you want to max out for a night or a few hours of fun get one!!! I do believe that after using it for awhile it will increase the amount of blood that you can get into your unit. I got a real deal on mine I bought it used and it had 4 cylinders with it for $ 200.00

Here is what mine looks like
the xl2000 model
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