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Jun 3, 2003
I am so proud of the home we are creating. I feel we have 600 good, solid members. In order to view or post anything at MOS is by joining. I realized this would probably lead to a slower join rate but I also knew that it would produce quality posters and it has. Looking back over this past month I am very proud of the forum we have built. I look forward to making things better each day. You guys ROCK.
Thanks for the post DLD. You really know how to make us feel at home here. Only one month and 500 members!!! That is awesome. And to top it off you and your chosen moderators have built a good solid foundation for us members to stand upon and reach our Penis Enlargement goals. It has been said that nothing can stand alone without a solid foundation. Congrats DLD, it will be interesting to see this forum grow.
Well done DLD. Congratulations. 500 members in a month is nothing to sneer at. Keep up the good work, and to all members, keep posting. That is the only way something like this can grow (as well as you know what LOL!!)

...I know you got Soul...Brothers and Sistas...(Old Penis Enlargement Song) that's Public Enemy not Penis Enlargement for those that don't know.

Just to Set the Record Straight...
Actually, we open this Forum on May 31, 2003.

So we have 500 members and it's actually been 26 Days, so thats like 20 members a day, but who's counting? :D

At this rate we should have 5,000 Members in 8 months.
YEAAA! This place almost has as many members as MY Yahoo Group!! 532 strong as of this a.m. LOL, ya know I'm just messing with ya DLD!
Phenominal growth........
DLD this is tribute to your hard work and dedication to the Penis Enlargement world. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I, for one, am glad to be following you on this journey.......
and all the mods and supermods who make this place unique.

I like.
Thats Almost 1,000 Strong Now!!!!

WOW, Things Are Booming!!!!
I was just going to say that this seems like an old thread. I think it is only about 2 weeks old and we've doubled our members already! How cool is that? At this rate there will probably be the same number or close of guys here as there are at Thunder's by the fall or around Christmas. Lots of changes coming up as this site grows methinks fella's.
stillwantmore said:
Damn! We've grown BIG TIME since last June!!

Almost 15x as big...could it be Forum Enlargement:D
Supra said:
WE will be double this in 6 months

in 12 we grew by over 600%...Say wurd!
Should make a graph with how many people have joined per week/month since start, would show if the site is accelerating or not.
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