Nacho Vidal


Aug 26, 2003
How big is this guy? his girth looks huge...I can't really tell with his length, but he's definitely a guy where you'd notice girth before length. sorry if this has already been discussed.
he's that spanish �naked people movies� star that does a lot of work with like Evil Empire productions...he's a dark haired dude, he's got a bunch of tats on his back now and he's got a dick that's just insanely fat...if you look at �naked people movies� online a lot, he's one of the guys that's always in the Jizzbomb pictorials...not that one dude, Julian, but a different guy. I'll look for some links.
Its hard to find pictures of him for free, but goto Kazaa or Kazaa-Lite and look for him in everything.
Theirs movies and pix hes in.

By looking at him, I'd say his size is VERY similer to myn, the girth is VERY similer along with the length.
I think I may be abit bigger girth wise and also a bit smaller length wise, but we are similer indeed, including the veins aswell.

His dick lookds great, also get the film Killer Pussy 4 from Kazaa, I am NOW and its got alot of great �naked people movies� in apparently.
i think he does alot of work with the �naked people movies�star __________... Checkout anything in Kazaa with Rocco and Nacho wont be too far behind.
rocco and nacho are two of my idols, and yes i know this post is like over a year old lol, but i am bored and readin random old posts, but yeah killer pussy is a great series i have killer pussy 10 on dvd
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